Green Building

5 green benefits of modular buildings

In case you didn’t know already, a modular building in a prefabricated type in which various pieces are put into place to create the finished product; the modules. There are various materials and methods used to create modular buildings depending on whether they are going to be temporary or permanent. They have become hugely popular in Europe as a cheap and eco friendly way of building a home, so just what are these green benefits mentioned in the title? Well here’s 5 of them to start you off with.

Reduces Waste

As the modules are made to measure in a factory there is not the waste and debris normally associated with a building site. This in turn prevents standard building materials getting into the soil or entering the water supply.  According to as the same plans will be used over and over again the manufacturer will have it off to a fine art what materials are needed for each job so there is hardly any waste during manufacture either.

Less site disturbance and damage to the environment

Carving up an area to dig the foundations for new housing can cause untold damage to the flora and fauna in that area. There is none of this with a modular building so you are definitely doing your bit for the environment. In terms of planning permission they can be versatile.  Urbanisation plays a key role in the destruction of our green space and the wildlife that live there, by option for modular housing you are leaving it virtually undisturbed.

Renewable and recyclable

Modular buildings are designed to put together, and taken apart, easily. This means that you can move it where you want and when you want. The components will all be 100% reusable so if your needs change the modules they take away to replace with new ones will be used again, and again, and again, you get the idea. They are the ultimate in renewable and recyclable housing, and how many of us can say we recycled a building?

Designed for sustainable energy

Due to their construction and design modular buildings are ideal for renewable energy sources such as solar powered light and heating and wind power. You will be given various options of how to optimise utilities in the building to be as green as possible so in the long run you are saving not only the environment but also yourself a stack of money into the bargain, win win result.

Lower carbon footprint and healthier as well

In short, you are lowering your carbon footprint massively by opting for a modular building. If you want to extend you just stick a few modules on, if you want to downsize you take a few away.  The health benefits cannot be ignored either. As the modules are made in a factory you will never have to worry about mould, mildew or rust either, so those who suffer allergies or respiratory problems can live happily and healthy in module houses and never need to worry about their home making them ill again.