Moving More Sustainably

Green On The Go: Moving More Sustainably

For the eco-friendly amongst us, there are some challenges in life that seem to make it impossible to act sustainably. With all the miles travelled, the fuel burned, the paper used, and the waste involved, moving can seem like one of those challenges. It is inherently wasteful to move, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a little greener with some ingenuity and a little more responsibility. Here are three major ways to reduce the environmental impact of the big day.

No slacking with the packing

One of the most wasteful parts of moving is all the packing materials we use and discard. You can, in part, replace some of your materials with things like pillowcases that can make for fine temporary storage before using them as normal again. You can ask friends and family to borrow extra suitcases as well. Unfortunately, cardboard boxes are hard to avoid if you have a lot of possessions. So, if you have to use them, try and reuse them. You can find free boxes from lots of businesses in your areas. For the packing material, instead of bubble wrap, use the towels and linens you have, too.

Make it one trip

If you have several vehicles making several trips to and from the new home, then you are carefully using a lot of fuel that you could probably avoid. Using the larger vehicles used by moving companies seen here might seem like it’s not very environmentally conscientious at first, but it is significantly eco-friendlier than having to make multiple trips or having to use multiple vehicles. If you are using your own vehicle, then avoid using boxes and use more malleable packing material when possible as mentioned in the last point so you can fit much more stuff into a space of the same size.

What we leave behind

Most people moving home are going to start de-cluttering and getting rid of old, unwanted items before the move simply to make things more convenient or to save money. As with all your waste and all items that you cast aside, take the time to find if there’s any way you can recycle it or see it reused in a new home. If you can sell it, you can even help tackle some of the costs of moving. Most important of all, never dump old electronics. They are all recyclable. Sites like this one are a great way to find a new home for the possessions that you’re unsure of how to dispose of sustainably. When all else fails, take them to the local charity shop, so long as they’re in good condition.

There a few smaller ways you can make the move eco-friendlier, too. When cleaning the old home, use washable cloths instead of paper towels or wipes, and use natural cleaning products instead of harmful chemicals. Every step you can take to make moving more sustainable is the right step. From that point on, it’s all about making your new home eco-friendly.