Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Home Remodeling Tips for Green Living

With the threat of global warming and the increasing environmental issues, people are starting to realize the fact that there is already a need for us to take good care of our environment. If you are one of the people who wish to take the step to a much healthier environment, then you can begin with remodeling your home for green living.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some simple tips to jumpstart your green home remodeling project:

Go For Reclaimed Hardwood

The latest addition to the flooring industry is the durable, renewable and recycled wood. This type of flooring is manufactured without chopping down any new trees. To completely go green with your flooring, it is highly recommended that you attach your flooring with the use of an adhesive backing that does not contain any VOCs that are harmful to the environment.

Change Your Light Bulbs

This may probably be the simplest and easiest way to promote and enjoy green living. Before, most houses make use of incandescent bulbs. Today, compact fluorescent bulbs are made available for home owners who wish to go green. This type of light bulb helps to conserve energy by converting the energy that they are using into light instead of heat.

Look at the label.

When you remodel your home and you wish to replace some of your appliances, it is best that you be careful when choosing the type of electronics that you will buy. Opt for products that have the energy star label. The energy star label is a proof that the appliance is energy efficient.

Look for green materials.

Green remodeling includes going green even with the smallest materials that you use during the process. Instead of using regular paint products, it is best that you take advantage of toxic-free paint products  that are now available in the market. By doing so, you will not just help the earth; you can also get to enhance the air quality in your home. Additionally, opt for greener wood alternatives like bamboo.

Focus on your insulation.

Insulation may be the least of your concerns when you are remodeling your home. However, this should be your focus if you want to go green. The best way to update the insulation of your home is to incorporate additional insulation or update the heating and cooling system in your home. When you improve your insulation, you can be able to conserve energy and ultimately, reduce your energy bills.

Work with an energy savvy home remodeling contractor.

There are many remodeling contractors who are dedicated to green living. If you are not sure how you can properly remodel your home for green living, it is recommended that you take advantage of professional home remodeling services available today.

With these green home remodeling tips, you will not only get to help save the environment– you can also lower down your monthly utility bills. Now, that is a win-win for you and the environment, right?