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How Environmentally Safe Are Ethanol Fireplaces & Stoves?

One of the longest standing traditions is using the power of a fire for various purposes such as cooking or merely warmth. For centuries now, fires in controlled settings have been a means for families or friends to gather and also survive. In modern times, the more leisurely uses of fires have been enjoyed more than anything else. The means in which we have to enjoy them call environmental safety into question however.

The health of our ecosystem is one of the most important topics facing today’s society. More information is coming out on how to best preserve our environment and bolster the safety of the various ways in which we interact with it in our homes. There is more and more pressure put upon us to leave as small of a foot print on the ecosystem and be as “Green” as possible. So, the question of just how safe the likes of ethanol powered fireplaces and stoves are is obviously part of the ongoing discussion.

It has largely been agreed upon that ethanol fireplaces and stoves are actually an eco-friendly means of using fire in the modern home. No statements like this can be accepted merely as fact however according to Ethanol Fireplace Pros. The issue must be examined more closely to really get down to the truth and be absolute certain the ethanol is actually safe to use for households hoping to become more “Green.”

Looking at how ethanol stoves work is a good place to start. When compared to wood burning stoves, there is a markedly more simplistic design in place. There are a lot less components in place, and so the production is quite a bit easier for ethanol stoves. That’s already one mark for the “eco-friendly” column since less resources are involved in making them.

Of course, there is the issue of how essential using fire as a heat source really is however. It’s obviously much better than using the likes of electric heaters given the power that’s wasted doing so. A lot of people really do start up fires just for leisure however. If you want to truly be green, any fireplace or stove should only be used when it is absolutely necessary for cooking or heating purposes.

The best thing about ethanol itself is that it’s accepted as a renewable source of energy. Potato, corn, and cellulose are all involved in its production, making it something of a denatured alcohol. It burns cleanly and there aren’t any particularly dangerous particles produced after the fact. Smoke and soot aren’t an issue either. As such, anything ethanol based gets another positive when compared to the likes of wood burning models.

More study likely needs to be done on the matter to come up with concrete statistics, but ethanol does seem like a fairly environmentally safe option for heating when all is considered. Ethanol heating isn’t particularly expensive, and the substance itself is derived from natural materials. Provided you do use your ethanol heating products responsibly, at this time you should view it as an acceptably “Green” installation of your home.