How To Be A City Eco-Warrior

How To Be A City Eco-Warrior

Concerned about the pollution in your city and the state of the planet’s environment? Here are some super simple changes you can make to your everyday city life that will make a big difference.

Walk & Cycle

Walking and cycling around your city is now becoming a bit of a no-brainer really. Not only does donning the trainers get the old ticker going and keep you fit and healthy, it also radically reduces the amount of pollutants and carbon emissions being pumped into the atmosphere. With the government investing so much time and money improving cycle lanes and promoting ‘get fit getting to work’ schemes there has never been a better time to get active and feel great on your daily work commute.

Go Electric

With the future of motors going electric, there has never been a better time to start looking into the many different electric options now available on the market. With the emergence of more affordable Electric scooters, more viable electric cars and even electric buses being integrated into some cities public transport cities, now is really the time to start reducing the amount of carbon emissions we are producing on a daily basis, just getting from A to B.

Electric cars, motorbikes and scooters not only create zero emissions, due to the fact that they work solely from electricity, not from fuel, they also significantly reduce the amount of noise pollution in cities and, after the initial investment are cheaper to charge and maintain.

Public Transport

Reducing the amount of time you spend in your car will mean you are making significant contributions in lowering the amount of pollution in your city. Opting instead for the available public transport in your city is of course not as fantastic as walking or cycling, but is still a much better option than just simply jumping into your car. There are also many cities that are investing in electrical buses and trams, so look into how your city is becoming more sustainable and make sure you are supporting the more ecologically friendly options available to you.

Car Parking Apps

Car parking apps are a great way of lowering your carbon emissions on those days when you absolutely have to use your car. They will lead you straight to the closest available car parking space meaning you spend less time circling the city looking for a free space. Every little helps and these kinds of apps are all about making the small changes that add up to making a big difference to the environment.

Car Pooling

Car sharing has been around for awhile now but has never been more popular than it is today. With so many car sharing apps available it is a breeze to connect with people in your community with a similar commute or similar journeys that need to be made. Whether you are looking for someone to share your daily commute with, share your weekly supermarket shop with, or even share a longer haul journey with, carpooling is a great way to be more responsible with the amount of carbon emissions you are creating on a regular basis.