How to Use Your Phone to Make Your House Greener

How to Use Your Phone to Make Your House Greener

With today’s global news focusing more and more on global warming and its eventual effects, many are beginning to wonder how they can make their lives greener and reduce their carbon footprint. Though as households, we can’t do much, every little bit counts, and if everyone does their bit (including multinational companies and governments) we can slow down global warming and climate change enough that the doomsday clock goes back. Today, our phones are at the center of our attention. From dawn to dusk, our eyes are glued to our phones, doing everything from checking todays global news to stocks to playing games. What if we could use our phones to make our house greener? Today we’ll be having a look at how you can greenify your house with your phone.

Smart Homes

Smart homes and the ‘Internet Of Things’ are the latest big thing in technology, bringing together our homes and our smartphones. As I type this, I have a Xiaomi Yeelight next to me, which can be controlled by my phone, Macbook, or even Apple Watch. Smart lightbulbs like the Xiaomi Yeelight and Philips Hue can drastically cut down our power bills, and reduce our carbon footprint, making our houses greener. Most of us are fairly good with our lightbulbs and heaters, but a few of us are pretty bad. With smart lightbulbs, our phones can control our lightbulbs, so that they’re never on when we don’t need them.


For example, saying “Hey Siri, turn off the bedroom lights” does exactly that, making it absolutely effortless to turn on and off lights when you’re not in the room they’re in. If you’re even lazier, you can opt for a sensor method, but that might not work so well with more than one person in the household. In addition, you can program your lights to turn on and off according to the time of day. For example, you turn all the lights off automatically an hour after sunrise, further saving energy, and the world. It’s more affordable than ever to buy smart lightbulbs, so now might be a great time to invest in them.

Smart A/C

With the rise of Smart Air Conditioners, you can save the world while warming up your house. Instead of arriving to a cold and dreary home, forced to turn on heaters, and maybe even a gas or wood fire, you could preheat your house on your trip home, straight from your phone. Although it seems wasteful to heat your house before you’re in it, it could actually cut down on the amount of power used, as you won’t turn every single heating device up when you arrive home in an effort to quickly heat things up, instead just using the A/C.

Using these new technologies, you can easily cut down on the power used by your house, making it greener and better for the environment. It’s also magnificently fun to find out new ways of turning on your lights with your phone, whether it’s using Siri, or from notifications. Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be able to make your house greener, with the help of your smartphone.