Humira and its Alternative Medicine for Inflammatory Conditions

Humira and its Alternative Medicine for Inflammatory Conditions

Inflammatory conditions like rheumatism and arthritis, among many other, can cause severe and debilitating pain when inflammation affects joints, bones, surrounding tissue and other parts of the body. It may also be a sign of a malfunction in the immune system where an autoimmune condition may attack the body. Therefore, inflammation can be a condition as well as symptom. There are a number of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved drugs that may be prescribed for this condition, including the Humira, as reported by the

About Humira

The Humira is a well known and expensive drug which is generally prescribed for very severe cases of inflammation. It is known for its efficacy and can be used for a number of conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s Disease as well. As per it is generally used to decrease the painful symptoms of conditions like Crohn’s Disease, especially when other drugs and methods of treatment have failed to make any kind of impact. Therefore, it is a very expensive drug which is generally prescribed as a last resort while using non surgical methods of treatment. Yet, one has to check whether or not there are any severe infections in the body before starting this drug, as the side effects are known to even cause cancer in some cases when there is infection in the body already.

Humira basically has an effect on the immune system of the patient and it brings down debilitating inflammation, as per the FDA, which has approved this drug. Yet, it is a very expensive drug which may not be accessible to all.

The Alternative

The alternative drug being produced and developed by Amgen is also touted to have a similar effect on inflammation which basically blocks the substances that create such a condition in the first place. The FDA has already approved the drug which is said be as efficient or even more efficient than the Humira. The drug is tentatively called Amjevita. It is aimed at the lower income group in the United States where billions of dollars had already been spent to develop the Humira drug. Further, this drug had alternatives in Europe and other countries, but no alternatives exited in the United States until the development of Amjevita.

The Challenges

There are a number of challenges being faced by the makes when it comes to the marketing of the product as the makers of Humira claim that their drug has a patent which means that no other company can manufacture the same formula – and that too at a cheaper cost. The verdict now lies with the FDA, which can take a call either ways pertaining to the release of this alternative drug. Even after the FDA approvals, the makers of Humira are planning to file a lawsuit which will stop the marketing and distribution of Amjevita as many people will prefer to use this less expensive alternative which has the very same formula as the original 2002 launched drug.