How to Use Your Phone to Make Your House Greener

Many Shades of Green in a Sustainable Lifestyle

Building and maintaining a truly eco-friendly lifestyle requires a multi-faceted approach that takes every aspect of daily life into account. Unfortunately, only a very small minority of the population is disciplined and concerned enough to commit to every shade of green in order to achieve a completely neutral carbon footprint as an individual. Instead, most of us wind up being eco-friendly in some ways while still operating within society’s pollutive confines in other ways. To expound and help you understand what it takes to live in a completely environmentally conscious manner, we’ve summarized the four main components of a fully green lifestyle.

1. Green Power

This is mentioned first and foremost because if you can reduce or eliminate your dependency on the grid then you’ll be one less person relying on coal and nuclear-based power. Solar panels are the most ideal form of green power, but you can also use turbines in windy areas. Before choosing a solar panel system, it would be wise to research product reviews on sites like With a powerful enough solar setup, you can even generate surplus electricity and feed some of it back into the grid to earn a monthly check from your local utility provider.

2. Green Food

With your home electricity needs being met by the sun, it’s now time to think about how you can fuel your body sustainably, and preferably self-sufficiently. Of course, the best way to do this is to grow your own food, but if that’s not an option or you need more food than you’re currently capable of growing, then shopping at farmer’s markets and farm shops would be the next best option. By sourcing your food independently, you won’t have to rely on supermarkets and the pollutive mass food supply transport system that consumes billions of gallons of gas and pumps an untold amount of pollution into the atmosphere every year from the exhausts of millions of semi-trucks and factory smokestacks.

3. Green Transportation

Speaking of pollutive transportation, the final shade of green you need in order to lead a 100% sustainable lifestyle is the transportation side of the spectrum. While switching to public transit may wind up being less pollutive than continuing to run your gas-powered vehicle on the road every day, it still isn’t fully green because you’re participating in a mass transit system that’s still very pollutive as well. If you want to go fully green, you’re going to need an electric/solar powered vehicle. Tesla and other companies have released some competitively priced models and there are charging stations across the nation now, so with an auto loan it has never been easier to make the switch to green transportation.

Green Construction Practices

As a final bonus point worthy of mentioning, if you decide to become a homeowner or purchase another home in the future, you’d want to go with eco-friendly construction materials and practices. Examples of materials you might want to look into include earth bags, rammed earth, adobe, and hempcrete.