Green Courier Service

Tips for a Greener Courier Service

A courier is able to provide a useful service for both individuals as well as businesses when they work to safely transport documents and packages from one location to the next in a speedy fashion. In an urban area, there are a lot of courier services that are working on eco-friendly ways of doing business, especially with the implementation of bicycles for transport. This is an option that is both eco-friendly but also faster when there is a congested downtown area.

There are some instances where a larger delivery will still need to be transported using conventional methods by way of vehicles that are powered by fossil fuel. With the large amount of driving that is done with such a courier service, the facts are staggering having to do with emissions. Just one courier driving a gasoline powered vehicle can release about 33 tons a year in carbon waste.

Green courier services can be a wonderful way to provide quality service to clients while still taking care of the planet by reducing carbon emissions.

Tips For An Eco-Friendly Courier Service

– There are a lot of couriers that already rely on bicycles. This makes them part of the green movement. You too can make a bicycle based service even greener when you support the locally owned bicycle repair shops. Here is a good article on it as a job.

– Electric bicycles and scooters are other eco-friendly options that are powered by clean energy. Most of these electric vehicles can go about 30 to 50 miles on one singular charge, with many of them being charged in less than an hour. A motorbike is also cheaper than many of the other alternatives with engines, but as with cars you will need motorcycle couriers insurance for it.

– For longer distance or larger deliveries, you can think of purchasing a fuel-efficient car or truck. Hybrids will produce only half of the known carbon emissions of a standard vehicle. You will also find that keeping your vehicles well maintained can be a great way to keep the emissions nice and low.

– Biodiesel powered vehicles are another alternative, as this option is clean burning and can be used in any type of diesel engine. This is a fuel that is made from cooking oil, which is a great way to recycle a product that would normally go to waste.

Overall, these tips can go far toward helping you to develop a green courier service that will benefit both the environment as well as your clients.