What Are The Greenest Careers You Can Have

What Are The Greenest Careers You Can Have?

Looking after the planet is something that we all need to take very seriously. It’s down to all of us to make the right decision when it comes to being environmentally friendly, and if that means choosing a ‘green’ career, then it is certainly what many people should do. In fact, as environmental pressures increase, it is something that more people will have to do. The following professions are amongst the greenest you can be part of, and there might be something here that makes you re-think your current job.


There are two million farmers in the United States. However, as they grow older, far fewer farmers are coming to take their place, which could be a problem for food production in a decade’s time. It’s important that more young people see that becoming a farmer is a great thing to do, and as well as being a career for life, it’s one of the greenest ones you can find too. Using local, organic farming methods rather than largescale chemicals and big, bulky machines might take longer, but it produces a much cleaner product and planet. The next generation of farmers will probably be small businesspeople who pick one product and do it well rather than farming a large area with many different crops or animals.

Solar Power Installation Technician

Across the world, around 770,000 people are employed by the solar power industry in some form, and that number only looks set to grow as more and more people realize that solar power is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than anything else. Becoming a solar power installation technician means you can bring solar power into people’s homes, reducing the pollution that is pumped into the atmosphere on a daily basis.


As more and more medical advances are made, a career in medicine is increasingly seen as something that is a green choice. Hospitals are becoming much cleaner when it comes to their carbon footprint, and the machinery used within the hospitals is made with eco-friendly credentials in mind. There is a lot of training involved in every aspect of medicine – if you want to be a doctor, you will need to go through many years of medical school, and if you want to be an ultrasound technician, you should search out the best ultrasound technician schools, for example. Once you have that qualification, however, you can choose to work in the greenest of hospitals and help to keep the planet as safe as possible.


With more and more people now recycling – and everyone actively encouraged to do so – the need for recyclers is growing. It is the kind of profession that won’t disappear over time as even if one market slows (paper and plastic, for example) another will grow (steel is a massive market for the recycling industry, and right now over 200,000 people work in the steel recycling sector across the world). This is the kind of job that will give you huge pride in what you do, knowing that you’re really making a difference and literally cleaning up the planet.