Why You Need to Embrace Recycling

Why You Need to Embrace Recycling

Recycling is something we take for granted. It is there, available for us to use and very often is a service that is provided for inclusive for where we live. We sort things through so that we can either feel good about ourselves, or perhaps because if we don’t, we will never be able to go under the garbage bag limit. For businesses, however, who either have a large garbage allowance or have the service sorted for themselves recycling can often take a back burner in terms of priorities. You save time, after all, by throwing away all the waste into one big skip. From consumers to businesses alike, not recycling is often the easier choice, but it is a choice we all need to stop making.

The Plastic Pandemic

We have a massive plastic problem, and it’s only getting worse. It is such a new material, and yet it has pervaded the world so effectively that it is now almost impossible to find an animal or location that is not polluted in some way.

 “Decades ago, synthetic polymers became popular because they were cheap and durable. Now, scientists are creating material that self-destructs or breaks down for reuse on command.”

Plastic has become such an issue that we now have invested millions into cleaning up the ocean, simply because ocean life is winding up dead on our beaches with thousands of pieces of it in their stomachs. Their efforts are commendable, but if we do not address our consumption, it will be a losing battle.

The Truth About Plastics

The hard truth about this pandemic is that plastic does not degrade. It can break down into what are known as microplastics, of course, but these are then digested and eaten around the animal kingdom. Every fish tested came up with microplastics in its system, and now studies have shown that we too have plastics in our body. Then you there are single-use plastics like straws, which end up in the oceans and eaten by wildlife causing a pandemic of their own. Most of these single-use plastics cannot be recycled, either, thus causing even more issues down the line.

The Benefits of Opting for Better Materials

There are two main benefits of opting for better or recyclable materials:

  1. Longer Life
  2. Potential Money Back in Recycling

So, for example, if you use baling wire from Baling Wire Direct to package and ship items, you can then get your employees to remove it and bring it back with them. It can then be reused again and again, and eventually recycled. Plastic on the other hand will need to be cut, and cannot be reused or even recycled that well, if you put effort into recycling it at all.

From changing materials to being more committed to your recycling, there are so many ways that caring for the environment can benefit everyone involved. Advertise your efforts in the future as well, so that you can attract the growing population of conscious consumers who want guilt-free convenience.