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5 Steps Towards an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

There are a number of reasons why you should consider adopting an environmentally friendly mindset. In addition to helping to save the planet, greener living can help to reduce waste and save a substantial amount of money on household bills. Take the five steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Step One: Turn Off Your Electricals When […]

Ways To Conserve Energy And Lower Your Utility Bills

With the effects of global warming and climate change becoming ever more visible, many consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about the kind of energy they use and how much of it they consume. Many people are now aware of the harmful effects our day-to-day activities have on the environment. The world is slowly shifting away […]

4 Advantages to Using Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is heat that comes from the earth. Many technological advances have been undertaken in recent years to take advantage of this heat source. Geothermal heat pumps can draw into the upper ten feet or so of the Earth’s surface and utilize the heat found there, while other technologies can delve even deeper. This […]

5 Steps To Make Your RV More Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that RV’s are already one of the most environmentally friendly ways to go on vacation? It’s true. RV’s are already designed to enable you to live as minimally as possible (some models even allow you to live off grid with little more than a solar kit), and it’s a far greener way […]

Going Paperless In The Medical Career

A professional medical billing and coding expert is a busy individual, managing a lot of responsibilities, documents and sometimes even employees. Most of the professionals would agree that taking care of the whole set up is a time-consuming endeavor. In fact, what is more time consuming is the task of tracking down medical billing archives […]

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Clean Your Car

There are different ways to go about cleaning your primary vehicle. Not every cleaning supply is environmentally friendly and we all worry about what overly strong chemicals are in some of these commercial products sold to vehicle owners. For that reason, it’s a good idea to look at eco-friendly ways to clean your car to […]

5 Unexpected Ways You Can Cut Down on Paper

Across the world, humans account for the highest amount of paper waste that goes into landfills every year. Understandably, this can cause problems such as intense de-forestation, animal extinction, and high amounts of carbon dioxide levels in the air. You will have heard about all the usual ways you can cut down on paper every […]

The 5 Biggest Health & Safety Risks for Recycling Workers

Recycling workers are essential for protecting planet Earth, as they are responsible for waste reduction, which can positively impact the environment. Unfortunately, the essential duties can pose a risk to the health and wellbeing of recycling employees. In fact, it has been reported that recycling workers are more than twice as likely to experience an […]

How to Treat Sexually Transmitted Diseases Naturally

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are a big problem in not only the United States but in all parts of the world. While protected sex and choosing a sensible sex life are your best defense against getting infected with any of the multiple STDs that have become so common nowadays, what if you have already […]

The Harsh Reality Of Organic Farming

Few of us willingly enter into practices which harm the environment. After all, the future matters. So, we do what we can, and some of us even go all out in our efforts to make things right. If you’ve started an organic farm, you likely did so because you wanted to help the environment. After […]