Go Paperless

3 Ways to Make Your Eco-friendly Business More Competitive

There are usually a few ways to save money that you simply haven’t thought of, many of which won’t involve explicit changes to your general strategy, nor cost your business a small fortune to implement. Here are 3 ways to

  1. Save Energy, Save Money 

Firstly, using motion sensors can be one easy way of eliminating human error – since even the best of us can forget to turn a light out. The more rooms you have for employees to bustle in and out of, the more lights are being left on and electricity is being wasted.

You can repair appliances, like kettles and cupboards, rather than paying to replace them every time something breaks. Also, recycling and re-using can become a bigger part of your day to day activities – for example, the backs of sheets of paper that would otherwise be thrown away can be re-used for employees to make their notes on.

  1. Use Services that Will Help 

Like any other business, you can be as flexible with your strategies as you need to. Don’t forget, you aren’t working in isolation, no matter how specific your niche or how rural your location. When you use local suppliers, you cut down your carbon footprint, but you can also make valuable allies that can save you money in other areas you might not expect.

If you’ve fostered communication with non-competitive businesses, there’s no end to the benefits of mutual aid. You can organise joint coupons, fliers or even local events. Even if you are working alone, you may still be able to use the support of other businesses via the internet – if you’re having financial issues, it might be worth applying for a  Merchant Cash Advance.

  1. Adopt an Active Marketing Strategy 

Every business faces difficulties, but it can be easy to forget that with a green outlook you can still be active – even if you’re limited financially or stuck for ideas. Have you tried giving away free trials or samples? This gives you a chance to engage with potential customers in a way that they won’t find alienating or timewasting. Also, many existing customers will be more than happy to share their views and experiences with you if they’re given a chance. They may even agree to refer others to you if you ask them.

Building strong relationships with existing customers and clients is essential to any business, and can be a much more cost-effective marketing technique than appealing to first-timers. You can also improve productivity and morale by making sure your employees feel motivated – this can be done in many ways, from motivational speeches that recognise their achievements to taking care when planning events like Christmas parties. Employee motivation can make or break a marketing strategy, since it is very often these employees who will enact the strategy and engage with the customers.

It always pays to think green when you’re trying to become more competitive since conservation will reduce waste and help you to sell your agenda, because employers, employees and customers alike can all get excited about saving the planet.