Five Green Tips to Make Your Company More Secure

4 reasons why your business should go green

There are plenty of compelling reasons as to why you should be taking your company green. Most importantly, you’ll be helping to save the planet which is the duty of every one of us as responsible citizens. Going green can also help your business from a financial point of view as you reduce all kinds of costs, and it looks good for your company’s reputation as well.

The reason for not going green that we most commonly hear trotted out is that it costs too much money, but that is a fallacy. There plenty of little steps you can take to turn your business green that won’t cost the earth.

So, what are you waiting for? Here are four reasons why your business should go green.

Going green can save you money

Energy costs are one of the biggest areas of expenditure that a business can face. In the southern states of America alone, businesses spend $40 billion a year on electricity to keep their workplaces powered. Even little changes, such as switching from old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) in the office can start bringing your energy bill down. Converting to a paperless office by hosting all your files on the cloud will reduce how much money you spend on paper and printing, in turn helping to save rainforests. For those who want to go further, you could turn your business premises completely green by installing solar panels, which can also lead the federal government to giving you tax credits which can cover 30 percent of the cost for a newly installed renewable energy system.

Customers are attracted to businesses who care about the environment

There are plenty of consumers out there who care deeply about the environment, and that can influence their choices when it comes to which companies they give their business too. If it is a choice between a rival business that only cares about guzzling profits or your company, which has shouted from the rooftops about your dedication to saving the planet, logic dictates that yours is the business that people will pick. By publicizing your green credentials on a website blog where customers can Read More about what you are doing to help save the planet, you’ll be able to build and maintain a new client base which will help grow profits.

It can help you attract and retain the top talent

Young people are more focused on the environment than previous generations, with 76 percent of millennials saying they are concerned about the future of the planet. That can be reflected in their choice of employees, so if you want to attract the top talent that is now coming out of high school or colleges, then being a business that cares about the environment and wants to make a difference will chime with their views and boost your chances of attracting them to work for you.

You’ll be helping to save the planet

All of us – animals, plants, even CEO’s – have to live on and share this planet, so it is in yours and your company’s interests to try and help preserve it for both us and future generations. Surely, there is no better incentive than that?