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4 Steps Your Office Can Take to be More Eco-Friendly

Going green in your office will not only help you to become more environmentally friendly; it’ll also help your business to save money and cut costs in a variety of different areas. Being eco-friendlier in your office can help to reduce waste, decrease your company’s carbon footprint, and even help your employees and colleagues to become more environmentally-friendly in their personal lives. Although there are several different methods when it comes to making your office a greener place to work, here are some easy options that you can get started on today.

Tip #1. Monitor Electricity Use

In the office, electricity is one of the main resources that gets used up quickly and frequently throughout the day. To help make your office a greener place to work, it’s a good idea to get all employees into the habit of turning off electrical appliances, such as computers, printers, and photocopiers when they are not being used.

In addition, if any equipment must be left on, then it’s important to ensure that it’s set to their most energy efficient settings. Lights are also an area where energy can be saved on a regular basis; taking advantage of natural lighting wherever possible, along with using energy-efficient light bulbs, will help you to reduce the amount of electricity that you use to keep your office well-lit.

Tip #2. Encourage Eco-Friendly Telecommuting Options

When it comes to making your office a greener and more environmentally friendly workplace, it’s also a good idea to encourage your employees to make greener choices when outside of work, for example, with how they travel to and from the workplace each day. There are various ideas that you could start within the office, such as a carpooling program, that will help your employees to become eco-friendlier, along with being a great option for saving them money. You could also encourage walking or cycling to work for employees who live close by; this isn’t just great for the environment but also for their bank accounts and their health!

Tip #3. Recycle!

One of the most responsible and effective things that you can do to ensure that your office is running in as green a manner as possible is to recycle everything that you can. Only using recyclable materials in your office and sorting them into different types of recyclable waste will help to reduce the overall impact that your company has on the earth’s natural resources and decrease your carbon footprint.

If your office produces a lot of waste, then the more recyclable waste that you have, the better, since this can then be used again and again both within the company and elsewhere. Companies such as Enviro Waste London are available to help you dispose of recyclable waste correctly and ensure that materials can be repurposed where possible.

Tip #4. Aim to be Paperless

Whilst a completely paperless office may often be an impossible idea, aiming to use paper as little as possible in your workplace is one of the best ways to make your office a greener place to work. Try to cut down on printed materials. Ask yourself and each employee whether they really need to print or photocopy something. Would it be just as effective if sent out in an email instead? With electronic methods of communication now making it easier than ever to get messages out there without the use of paper, going paperless at least as much as possible in your office can be much easier than you thought.

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