Eco Friendly Business

5 Reasons Health and Safety and Environmental Awareness are a Must for 21st Century Business

Several decades ago, businesses mainly focused their efforts in intensifying production, increasing sales, and growing or expanding their market. But during the turn of the 21st century, all industries acknowledged the need to take into account other vital factors in management decision making. Examples include; improved employee compensation and benefits, social responsibility, workplace health and safety, and environmental awareness. Businesses have been successful in implementing the first two factors, but majority are still challenged when it comes to health and safety and environmental awareness.

Here are 5 reasons why health and safety and environmental awareness are important in today’s business:

  1. They help improve workplace productivity. Health and safety awareness translates to employee productivity. How? If your employees are healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally, they are capable of delivering more than what is required by their jobs. Of course, ill or distressed workers will either deliver less or be totally absent. The same is true when it comes to safety. A safer workplace means a faster working phase and less chances of employee absence due to sickness or injury. Transforming the workplace into a green or environment-friendly area can also make it more conducive for working.
  2. You reduce labor-related costs and legal liabilities. Aside from increasing productivity, health and safety awareness can help reduce labor-related costs and legal liabilities. As the saying goes: “prevention is better than cure”. Isn’t it better if you spend a couple of dollars trying to improve the health and safety of your employees than being compelled to cover the costs of medical and legal expenses in case of sickness and injury?
  3. Environmental awareness reduces production or operational costs and makes your business sustainable. Part of environmental awareness is conservation of the business’ natural resources and the use of green energy. Setting up a green building, factory, or business establishment can be expensive. But the financial rewards can outweigh such costs in the long run. Resource conservation and having your own alternative source of energy can also ensure sustainability. When all of your competitors are burdened by their operational costs, your business will be able to survive.
  4. You create a better brand. Have you noticed that almost all products and companies claim that they are socially and environmentally aware? They want people to know that their products are energy efficient, made out of natural or toxic-free materials, or that they have the happiest and best workforce. This is because majority of the population today has now the tendency to believe and trust brands that are socially and environmentally aware. So if you want to strengthen your brand or business name, you should start showing people that you care about your employees’ health and safety and of the environment.
  5. It opens a range of business opportunities. Health, safety, and environmental awareness can also open opportunities for your business. If you are successful in creating a good business image, business contracts and proposals will eventually knock on your door. If you want to expand and venture into different areas and territories, most governments have higher regard to businesses which have excellent employee health and safety protocols or those that are environmentally conscious.