5 Small Changes You Can Make to Ensure Your Business Is Eco-Friendlier

5 Small Changes You Can Make to Ensure Your Business Is Eco-Friendlier

Many businesses around the world are looking to go green in 2017 because they’ve seen the many benefits of doing so. Not only do these businesses get painted in a good light, but they often save money and improve efficiency. If you’re looking to take your business to a greener state in 2017, consider making some of the below small changes to achieve just that.

1.      Choose Digital Marketing Instead of Traditional Strategies

If your business is heavily reliant on traditional marketing methods like leaflet and postcard distribution – you can’t ignore it. However, if you’re one of the many business owners that hasn’t worked with digital marketing strategies to expose your brand, you could be missing out. Digital marketing is the official green strategy that could take your business to the next level for a fraction of the cost. Instead of paying for hundreds of leaflets, you could be building your social media presence and gain an audience to advertise to for free. When it comes to email marketing, build a reliable list using a free email finder.

2.      Tell Your Customers You’re Going Greener & Ask Them to Follow Suit

Millions of consumers are trying to do the same to improve the environment, so by telling them you’re going greener could give your brand the respect it deserves. A simple message on all your packaging to let them know of your targets could win some new customers. Many of your competitors aren’t going green, so this could give you a competitive edge.

3.      If You Do Use Traditional Marketing Strategies…

Hire a printing company that only supplies recycled paper and card. Even when it comes to the ink, ensure the service you use takes advantage of refilled cartridges. There’s plenty you can do to make your business friendlier for the environment. Again, tell your customers you’re trying to make your business greener by ensuring your leaflets and postcards have a clear message – “this leaflet is recyclable”.

4.      Little to No Paper Policy

When it comes to running your office, get your employees to follow a new “little to no paper” policy. Of course, you’re still going to have paper floating about from time to time in terms of customer invoices and such, but these things are mandatory. Your employees making notes on paper isn’t mandatory. There’s plenty you can do here to instil a little to no paper policy – just ensure your employees are on the same wave length.

5.      Change Your Product Packaging Solutions

As stated above, it’s possible to hire a printing company that uses recycled resources – and you can do the same when it comes to your product packaging. Such solutions can sometimes be a little more expensive, but your customers will love you for it and you’ll be helping the environment.

The above changes might only make a slight difference, but they’re good starting points to put you on the path to taking your business green in 2017. Going green could make regular expenses more affordable, could promote a business in a good light, and could ultimately help you build relationships to take your business forward.