5 Ways to Maintain Good Office Air Quality

5 Ways to Maintain Good Office Air Quality

If you work in an office, then you’re probably already aware that the air quality in the building can directly affect your work life. Ensuring good air quality isn’t just important for comfort throughout the working day; it’s also essential to your health and that of everybody whom you work with. As an office owner or manager, it’s down to you to ensure that everybody is aware of the things that they can do daily to ensure good air quality in the office space. Here are just some of the main things that can be done by every employee.

Allow Natural Ventilation

One of the best ways to ensure good air quality in the office is to simply allow natural ventilation. For example, make sure that no staff members are blocking any air vents or grilles and ensure that windows can be opened to allow fresh air inside to ventilate the area. In the case of high office buildings where there may be a safety issue with the windows, Teal Products offers a variety of window controls for both natural ventilation and smoke ventilation, to help improve air quality and minimise fire risk.

Comply with Smoking Policy

Secondly, it’s important that all employees in the workplace are fully compliant with the company smoking policy. Since smoking is not allowed indoors, the best way to ensure this is to set up an outdoor smoking area where any employees who are smokers can go for a cigarette away from the building. It’s important that an effective smoking policy is established that not only protects the building from the effects of cigarette smoke but also prevents non-smokers in the workplace from becoming involuntarily exposed.

Consider Environmental Issues

When it comes to managing the air quality in your office, it’s not just the health and comfort of your employees that should be a top priority. In every decision that you make, the environment should also be the main concern. It’s important that to address this. You must maintain a strong working relationship with the building management to keep on top of any indoor environmental issues, along with any decisions that you make about the inside of the office that could also affect the outdoor environment.

Place Furniture Within Regulations

When furnishing or equipping your office space, it’s important to ensure that each piece is placed in accordance with any air circulation, pollutant removal, and temperature control functions and requirements of the office’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in mind. It’s important to ensure that all ideas for design, maintenance, and operation in the office are compliant and coordinate with building management, along with ensuring that any maintenance of the ventilation system is shared amongst office and building management employees.

It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

In an office, it’s important to understand that improving and maintaining air quality is everyone’s responsibility. Each employee should be aware of what they can do each day to improve air quality and what to look out for and report immediately, such as any breaches of the smoking policy or issues with the ventilation system.

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