5 ways to Make A Business More Eco Friendly

5 Ways We Can Make Business More Eco Efficient

By making your business more eco-efficient, you’ll not only reduce business costs, but help the environment too. Helping the environment is more important than ever with all of the damage that’s being done to it these days. Do your bit for the environment by using these 5 techniques to make your business more eco-efficient:

Change the Way You Light Your Offices and Stores

The small changes add up pretty quickly, and this is one of the simplest changes your can make. Rather than using traditional bulbs in your offices and stores, use eco-friendly bulbs. They’ll use up to 75% less energy, and will still work exactly the same as before. Also, don’t light rooms you aren’t using, or leave lights on when you leave for the day. Taking advantage of natural sunlight is the best idea if you can, as it’s good for employees and should help them to feel naturally energised.

Print Less

Offices are well known for using way more paper than they need to. The simple solution? Print less! You can print less by vowing not to do a few specific things. Don’t print out your emails. Contact employees with email rather than on paper. Use both sides of the paper when you must print. Use old bits of paper for note taking. Contact someone like Ricoh London to give our more advice. You should also change your printer settings to only print in black and white, as colour uses more energy and takes longer. When you’re done with this paper, always recycle it!

Turn Off Unused Equipment

By making sure all equipment is switched off properly at the end of each working day, you could cut your energy costs by about 50%. Set all your equipment to energy saving mode too, so that when you’re not using it for a couple of minutes, it doesn’t take up too much energy.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Think of this point like this: is there anything you can reduce your usage of? Perhaps you could use less cups from the water cooler, or reduce the amount of printers you have in the office to discourage too much printing. Is there anything you can re-use? Bits of scrap paper, for instance. Then think about everything you can recycle, and do what you can to put it in the right place ready for recycling.

Encourage Working from Home and Carpooling

Telecommuting, or working from home, is a great way to reduce air pollution costs from employees who would usually drive to work. It also maximises the amount they can work online efficiently. If you can make it so some employees work from home a day or two a week, then try to do so. Also, encouraging your employees to carpool where they can will help to reduce the amount of pollution being created from their journeys to work. Set up bonuses to encourage them to do this, such as special parking spots and even monthly treats.

If we all take the time to complete the 5 steps above, we can vastly reduce our impact on the environment and become more eco-efficient. Make it a priority of yours!

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