Advice On Creating An Eco-Friendly Server Room

Advice On Creating An Eco-Friendly Server Room

Setting up a server room seems straightforward on the surface. However, if you want to “go green,” there are several things you should think about going forward. For example, you need to cut back on the amount of emissions you produce, and you want to reduce the amount of power used. If you are trying to set up an eco-friendly server room, then, use the following tips.

  1. Equipment

As you look for a cooling system, you need to ensure that you have the right monitoring system put in. These are both instrumental in keeping the temperature and humidity in the room at the right levels. Fans are also a big part of the process; you can make cold corridors by setting up fans among the cabinets and racks. These fans can go either in or out of the cabinets. The walls are another good choice, as is the space above the servers. These steps will help ensure that the temperature stays regulated throughout even when using powerful commercial computers.

  1. Room

It is important to think about where you are going to put your servers. You may have a building all to yourself or you might be sharing with someone else. Either way, you need to put up cabinets and server racks in order to be as green as possible. In addition, before you put anything up, think about doing an energy audit. It will help you determine if there is proper ventilation in the space. Also, check to make sure you do not have other types of damage in the space before proceeding. 

  1. Organization

If you want to be eco-friendly, check to ensure that your servers are placed in a mode that uses less energy when you are not operating them. Also, figure out if you need to have all your servers going at once or if you can use one server to complete multiple functions.

Cloud computing and virtualization are both good choices if you want to be green. These methods help you conserve power in your server room; which one you decide to use, however, is a matter of personal preference.

No matter what part of the process you are engaged in, keep these tips in mind as you go forward. You will be able to set up a server room that works for you but that is also kind to the environment, too!