How to Create an Eco-Friendly Business

How to Create an Eco-Friendly Business

Going green is not always the most popular option, but it is the moral choice. Both individuals and companies have a responsibility to positively impact planet Earth. For this reason, you should read our top tips on how to create an eco-friendly business.

Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

Prove your commitment to the environment by investing in eco-friendly office supplies, which will also remind your staff that you are an eco-conscious company. You can invest in recycling bins, recycled paper towels, refillable whiteboard markers, reusable mugs and recycled folders.

Switch to LED Lighting

Unfortunately, many companies incorporate fluorescent lighting into their office space, which can produce noxious chemicals, such as mercury. We therefore recommend switching to LED lighting to reduce energy waste and chemicals. That’s because LED lights are 80% more energy efficient in comparison to traditional lighting. 95% of the energy within LED bulbs will also convert to light, while the remaining 5% will emit heat.

Market Your Company Online

Placing ads in newspapers and handing out flyers will take its toll on planet Earth. Research how to market your business online to reduce your carbon footprint. Certa Hosting can host your website, review plans at and begin to develop a social media campaign to connect with the demographic your business needs. It’s an effective way to reduce paper usage, and can save countless trees and decrease pollution.

Actively Promote Your Environmental Commitment

Make your employees aware of your environmental commitment by developing a company-wide policy, which will state the eco-friendly practices you expect from your staff. You can also spread the word in company newsletters, as well as on your website, invoices, receipts, and packaging.

Eco-Friendly Travel

Do you and your employees regularly drive to work? Unfortunately, each car will produce significant levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons, which can have a negative effect on the public’s health and Earth. You should therefore avoid driving to work, and instead walk, cycle, take public transportation or join a company carpool chain. You should also encourage employees to follow in your footsteps to decrease their carbon footprint.

Offer Green Alternatives for Receipts

Create an eco-friendlier enterprise by providing your customers with a choice between paper and email receipts. While not every customer will want an email receipt, providing the option will decrease your company’s use of paper. If you do provide paper receipts, we suggest using recycled paper.

Gain a Listing on an Eco-Friendly Website

Connect with other eco-conscious customers and companies by gaining a listing on eco-friendly websites. This will provide both businesses and prospective clients with the best environmentally-friendly businesses in their local area, so they are more likely to choose your business over less eco-friendly companies in your industry.

Sustainable Purchasing

Almost every business purchase will use both energy and resources that can produce waste. You must therefore embark on sustainable purchasing to have a positive impact on the environment. For example, ask suppliers if they create their products from recycled materials. It’s also advisable to extensively research potential suppliers to buy from a supplier that has the least impact on our planet.