5 Ways to Maintain Good Office Air Quality

How to Create an Environmentally-Friendly Company

Everyone has a responsibility to protect our planet. Unfortunately, many individuals and businesses are failing to live up to their moral responsibilities every day. If you’d like to preserve our planet, read our top tips on how to create an environmentally-friendly company.

Online Marketing Campaigns

Newspaper advertisements, brochures and flyers can all impact our planet. Eco-conscious companies must therefore aim to improve their carbon footprint by looking for alternative ways to market their company. Fortunately, the internet has provided us with different opportunities to promote products and services online. Particularly if your product is part of a highly regulated market, you should work with a dedicated digital marketing agency, such as Eventige, who can help create successful SEO, social media, PPC and email marketing strategies.


Do you want to help your employees reduce their carbon footprint? Allow your members of staff to telecommute from the comfort of their home. As a result, you can prevent harmful pollution, which is damaging our planet day after day. You can also trust that remote working can increase business productivity and employee morale, as staff will enjoy a greater work/life balance, so will be willing to work harder for your business.


Of course, there are bound to be times when employees need to come into the office to attend meetings or shake up their routine. We therefore recommend encouraging your members of staff to carpool into work. This will help to lower the levels of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in the air, while helping your employees to save a substantial amount of money on fuel each month. You should even encourage your team to walk, cycle or take public transportation to and from work.

Green Procurement

One effective way to adopt an eco-friendly attitude is by practicing green procurement. You simply need to source your company’s goods and services from suppliers who’re dedicated to producing or supplying products in a sustainable fashion. What’s more, you should focus on sourcing goods or services from local suppliers, rather than those who’re based many miles away, so it can reduce transportation while supporting local enterprises.

Unsure what to look for when it comes to green procurement? All you need to do is check if manufactured items are made in a sustainable fashion, and that they don’t contain any toxic materials that feature one or more ozone-depleting substances. Look for goods which have either been recycled or have been produced from recyclable materials, too. They might also be made from renewable materials, such as bamboo.

Recycle Your Company’s Electronics

It’s believed that more than two million tons of e-waste are incinerated, sent to landfill, or illegally deported to developing countries each year. Shockingly, only 27% of all unwanted electronics are recycled annually. Businesses hoping to replace items less than five years old should consider donating them to charities or schools, who could re-use the unwanted tablets, computers, monitors, or smartphones. Alternatively, browse the various computer manufacturers which have introduced technology recycling programs, such as HP or Dell.