What Can HR Departments Do to Help Companies Be Greener

What Can HR Departments Do to Help Companies Be Greener?

HR departments tend to have a lot of say when it comes to company policy, and can have a strong influence on how green a business’ operations are. HR are also able to make it easier for staff themselves to adopt greener habits, and introduce schemes that can enable them to work in a way that reduces their own carbon footprints.

Here are just a few ways that you can help your employer become a greener company if you work in HR:

Make Home Working Easy and Encouraged

Many staff would love to have the opportunity to work from home sometimes, and when they do, it makes the company greener by reducing the trips employees need to take to get to work, and also the resources used within the office. Home working, where a role allows for it, can be a complete win-win, saving the company money, helping staff be more productive by skipping dead commuting time, and also helping the environment. Home working can even be seen as a ‘perk’ when recruiting new talent.

HR should make it as easy as possible for people to be able to work from home and notify their teams of their home working schedule. They should also promote the idea to managers who may be reluctant at first not to have their staff under their supervision at the office.

Create Car Sharing Schemes

Not all jobs can be done from home, and even home workers will be in the office sometimes. To help make their commutes greener, why not set up an internal car sharing scheme so employees who live in similar areas can find each other and make the trip together, cutting down on traffic? In a large company, people who have similar commutes may not know each other, so a system on the intranet that helps people with matching commutes connect can be a simple way to be green that also helps staff save money.

Introduce Paperless Policies

Paper and printing can end up being a huge waste of resources, and so being as paperless as possible is greener and also cuts overheads. Within HR itself, you can cut most of your paper by adopting a good cloud based IT system like XCD HR, which will mean a lot less filing of paperwork and no need for things like paper timesheets. Outside HR, setting company policies that keep printing to a minimum and making sure none of your company processes are paper reliant can make a big difference.

Digital repositories are better anyway – you are less likely to lose things, can collaborate and annotate documents more easily, and can also share your notes with other people. While some people may still be in the habit of printing a document to read it and make notes, there is no benefit to doing this anymore, and policies can help people get into newer, more eco-friendly ways of working.

These are just a few ways HR can introduce initiatives that will make for a greener workplace.