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Working for Yourself: the Green Way

Working for yourself is one of the greatest joys in life. However, it can be easy to become wasteful when it comes to things such as paper and electricity. Just because there’s only one of you in your business venture, does not mean you can start negatively impacting the environment. Whatever you do and wherever you work, you should always work in a green, eco friendly way. It’s so simple; by making just a few changes in the way you do things, you could help the environment in a big way. Want to know how? No problem!

Conserve Energy as You Work

Conserving energy as you work is essential. People waste billions of pounds in energy each year, and that’s just through computers! Imagine the amount of money that is being wasted through both computers and other kinds of equipment. Here are some ideas you can use to conserve your energy at work…

  1. Buy an energy saving computer and printer. Try to make all appliances as energy saving as possible. Check out their green star energy rating.
  2. Turn on energy saving settings on appliances, especially if they aren’t already built to save energy.
  3. Set your appliances to turn off after 15 minutes of not using them.
  4. Have your computer go to sleep mode when you’re away from the computer for a long time.
  5. Turn things off when you aren’t using them, even if you’re just nipping out.
  6. Replace lights with eco friendly lights. They will still be as bright, they will just save you money and last a lot longer.
  7. Turn lights off when you aren’t working.
  8. Keep your blinds open in the winter to let more warmth in, rather than putting the heating on. Wrap up in layers too.

Try Not to Use Your Printer

Whether you work for yourself or in an office, a printer is one of the most used items. Sometimes it make sense to print things, but other times printing is not warranted. There are a number of ways you can reduce your printer use, and make it more effective when you do use it…

  1. Don’t print in colour. Set your printer to black and white.
  2. Use both sides of a piece of paper.
  3. Recycle your old ink cartridges.
  4. Use a printing device that can also scan and copy.

Save Paper in Other Ways

Lots of paper gets wasted in business. Just think of all of those poor trees that have been wasted on your need to print out your emails! Save paper as best you can by:

  1. Keep important documents safely on your computer.
  2. Send updates over email rather than on paper.
  3. Practice reading on a computer screen if you struggle to avoid having to print out documents.
  4. Shred old paper and use it for packing things.
  5. Use old bits of paper for note taking.

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Get a Plant 

Getting a plant is a natural way to clear your air. You’ll reduce indoor air pollution and have better air to breathe. Not only that, the plant should liven up your workspace!


Make sure you’re recycling all items possible once you’re done with them. Get a recycling bin and put it in your workspace to make it easier. Make sure you recycle these things:

  • Ink cartridges.
  • Plastic bags.
  • Cans and bottles.
  • All paper products.

Rent an Office

Sometimes you may need a real office to work in when you work for yourself. Working from home has many benefits, but working in an office can have benefits too. It can be a great place for other remote members of the team to get together and brainstorm, or even somewhere suitable for you to meet clients. It doesn’t make much sense to rent an office permanently if you’re trying to be eco friendly, so rent one instead. You can find Manchester city centre office space to rent, and offices in just about any big city you can think of. This will give you somewhere suitable to get things done when you need it while being better for the environment.

Travel the Green Way 

There will more than likely be times where you need to meet with other remote workers or clients. Instead of driving, make sure you travel the green way. You can either share a lift with other people, take the train or another form of public transport, or ride a bike. This is much better for the environment and will cost you less money. You’ll also feel less stressed as you won’t need to deal with traffic jams or bad drivers!

Use Eco Friendly Materials

When it comes to using materials in your job, make sure you’re using as many eco friendly materials to replace regular materials as you can. There are all kinds of eco friendly materials out there these days! Here are just some that you’ll find:

  • Eco friendly cleaning products.
  • Eco friendly paper.
  • Eco friendly business cards.
  • Eco friendly ink.
  • Eco friendly stationary.
  • Eco friendly folders.

And plenty more!

Eco Friendly Job Ideas 

Do you want to work for yourself in an eco friendly way but you aren’t sure what to do exactly? Do you want your job to focus around helping others to be eco friendly too? You have plenty of options! Here are some career paths and business ideas you can consider:

  • Become an event planner and help people to plan eco friendly parties and events.
  • Become a consultancy that helps other businesses to become eco friendly.
  • Sell and repair bicycles.
  • Clean houses using eco friendly products.
  • Sell eco friendly products.
  • Start an organic clothing store.
  • Offer organic lawn care.
  • Start a restaurant serving organic dishes.

You see? All you need to do is use your imagination, and you could soon be helping people to become more eco friendly, as well as doing your own bit for the environment. The faster we act, the better condition we can keep our planet in. Do you have any tips for eco friendly businesses? Don’t be shy; leave a comment!

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