Eco-Friendly Vacation Ideas for the Conscientious Traveler

Eco-Friendly Vacation Ideas for the Conscientious Traveler

For many of us, traveling and being environmentally friendly do not go hand in hand. With airplanes and other forms of transport burning fuel and contributing to air pollution on a massive scale, many conscientious travelers worry about the effects that venturing into the big wide world is going to have on the planet itself. Thankfully, eco-tourism has become more and more of a popular concept in recent times, with an increasing number of travelers looking into the various ways of keeping their carbon footprint as low as possible whilst exploring what the world has to offer. Here are some of the best eco-friendly vacation ideas and tips for travelers who want to be kinder to their planet.

Tip #1. Stay at Home:

If you simply need a vacation, then there’s a lot to be said for the idea of taking a ‘staycation’. Not only does staying at home for your trip tend to be a much cheaper option than jetting off abroad, there are plenty of staycation ideas that you may enjoy which are relatively eco-friendly. For example, picking camping as your vacation idea is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, whilst being able to see the wonderful countryside on offer in the destination that you choose. Along with that, camping uses up very little natural resources and allows you to be more self-sustainable than many other types of trips. See the great range of camping gear and hunting accessories on offer at

Tip #2. Do Your Research:

Whilst planning your next trip, a little research can certainly go a long way when it comes to finding the best eco-friendly options for travel and the most environmentally friendly destinations to visit. Doing your homework beforehand will help you to better determine the impact that your travel will have on the planet and give you the option to pick eco-friendlier options, for example, choosing electric trains or hybrid buses to travel on if they are available.

Tip #3. Travel Light:

If you must travel by plane, then bear in mind that heavier planes tend to have a much bigger impact on the environment. Traveling light will help to reduce the amount of weight on the plane, and although just one suitcase less in the hold may not make a massive difference, you will at least know that you have done your bit to keep your own carbon footprint low. The more passengers that pack lightly, the more the overall weight of the plane will be reduced. Think whether you really need that extra pair of shoes, or can you get away with leaving some gadgets behind?

Tip #4. Use Public Transportation:

Once you get to your destination, then you’ll probably be met with a number of options for car hire. There’s no denying that hiring a car can be a convenient way of getting around your destination, however, it’s not always the most eco-friendly method, unless you can get hold of a low-emissions, hybrid or electric car. Using local public transportation can be a far more environmentally friendly option and the good news is that many countries around the world have reliable transportation networks at your disposal.

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