5 Sustainable Decorating Tips

5 Sustainable Decorating Tips

Every homeowner has a responsibility to protect the planet. Yet, you must look beyond recycling to ensure you minimize your impact on the environment. How you decorate and run your home can have a positive or negative effect on our planet. For this reason, read the following five effective and sustainable decorating tips.

  1. Sustainable Painting Services

Many homeowners change their décor each year, as they might be unhappy with the paintwork or color. Not only that, but they might also use toxic paint that is damaging to a person’s health and the environment. It is therefore important to contact a professional painting and decorating service that can create a beautiful home without the use of toxic paint. For example, visit athdecorating.co.uk to enjoy paintwork that they guarantee will not crack, peel or discolor within a 12-month period, so you will not have to update your décor anytime soon.

  1. Invest in Eco-Friendly Materials

There is a misconception that eco-friendly materials are expensive. While the products were once a little costly, they are now more affordable than ever before. Manufacturers understand they also have a responsibility to protect planet Earth, which is why they are committed to providing affordable, green products. For example, you can enjoy beautiful backsplashes made from environmentally-friendly bio-glass, and you can even utilize veneer cork flooring to create a stylish, greener home.

  1. Buy from Environmentally-Friendly Brands

Some brands are more committed to the environment than others. You must, therefore, do your homework to ensure you only buy from companies dedicated to protecting our planet. For example, they might only work alongside partners who use sustainable manufacturing or shipping methods. A little research can help you to identify if a brand has a green mindset, which should determine every aspect of their business. You can then decorate your home with their products safe in the knowledge that you have minimized your impact on the environment.

  1. Adopt a Minimalist Approach

Create a sustainable design by opting for a more minimalist approach to decorating and running a home. You must actively aim to simplify, organize and declutter your space, so you do not store unnecessary items within the home. You should aim to either recycle or donate your unwanted items, so they will not end up in a landfill, which will allow you to enjoy a simple, clean interior design.

  1. Upcycle Your Existing Items

Prevent your items from clogging up a landfill by upcycling your existing items. For example, reupholstering an old armchair can catapult it into the 21st century. You can also modernize an old dresser or wardrobe with a fresh coat of paint and a new brass pull. Also, utilize adhesive wood panels to create a unique and rustic headboard to transform your bedroom. The options are endless with a little creativity.

So, if you want to create a beautiful home while caring for planet earth, follow the above tips to create a healthier, happier environment for both you and your family.