Wood Blinds

Eco-Friendly Benefits of Wooden Blinds

Since the use of blinds and shades are booming these past few years, a lot of options have been created for the consumers to choose from. The materials commonly used in making blinds are plastic, aluminium, faux wood and authentic wood. Wood blinds are generally eco-friendly above all. So if you are considering redecorating your window panes in a greener way, then this type of shades will be your best ally. Here are some of the benefits you can get with the use of these wooden charms.

They are from nature.
All of these wooden window treatments are crafted from the branches and trunks of the trees around you. That simply means you are getting genuine natural material from them. Most of the manufacturers strictly follow some guidelines on producing these items. On top of the list is that, they only cut trees in proportion to the growing ones. Meaning before they make use of the wood, there will be several trees to replace the one that has been cut. Another factor that they have to pass is the stringent chemical emission requirements; this tests the environmental friendliness of a product. Technically, you can never be an enemy of nature when it comes to wooden shades.

They minimize the use of synthetic materials.
Many artificially made blinds undergo a lot of chemical process. These processes certainly produce harmful byproducts to the environment. The generation of plastic materials may emit compounds harmful to human’s health. And when these products are broken, they are more likely to be non-biodegradable. On the other hand, the production of wooden blinds has more earth friendly materials, thus, making more favourable than the other types.

They can slash your energy charges.
During the summer, people tend to use fans and air conditioners more often. The warm weather acts as a trigger to switch these appliances on and make them comfortable. Likewise, during the freezing winter, many individuals have to turn their heaters on to keep them warm. These acts will surely fire up their energy bills, but with a little help of some wooden shades, home owner’s can save a lot of their money. The secret is in the insulating attribute of this type of shade. It has the capability to totally block the sun rays from penetrating, thus also eliminating UV rays and the heat that comes along with it. It works the same way with cold winds too, the wooden material does not allow the freezing air to pass through it. With this scenario, there will be minimal need to plug those thermal appliances. Certainly, there will be no reasons to have burning electricity bills too!

It can possibly serve you for years.
The length of life of this product is undeniable. With the proper care it can last for decades. The material is easy to clean as well, with just a damp cloth; you can easily swipe away dust. There is no need to use chemically formulated detergents to maintain them, all you have to do is swipe, then sit back and relax. You will be surprised that years have passed and your wooden shades are still intact.

Go green, go healthy, and go wise with wood blinds.