Eco Friendly Homes

Eco-Friendly Ideas for People Building a New Home

Building a new home gives you the chance to start afresh and do things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. You should definitely take advantage of the eco-friendly options open to you.

Find the Right Design

The design and layout of your new home will play its part in how energy efficient and eco-friendly it is. Firstly, think about the home plan. Visit and see which design is best for you. But remember, the more rooms you have, the more rooms you’ll have to heat, so you’ll use more energy.
One of the most simple and straightforward ways of cutting down on the amount of energy you use to heat your home is making the home open plan. That way, heat will flow around the space and won’t get trapped in a single room leaving the others cold. It can make a bigger difference than you realise.

Recycle as Much as Possible

There are a lot of things in your home that can be recycled. Firstly, there will be a lot of waste that needs to be thrown out when you’re building a home. But don’t just put all that waste in landfill, make sure you recycle as much of it as you possibly can. This is a simple and straightforward thing to do, so do it!

You can also use recycled items in the structure and design of your home. Insulation materials don’t have to be brand new. You can source your own used materials that will insulate your home well. You can also use repurposed and recycled items when you’re filling your home and picking furniture.

Use Windows that Keep Heat Inside

The thicker your windows are, the less energy you have to use to heat your home. It really is as simple as that. So, you certainly should go for single-glazed windows. Double-glazing is a must, but you could go even further and use triple-glazed windows if you want to keep even more heat in your home.

Don’t use common UPVC frames though. Firstly, they never look very good, and they aren’t the best for insulating your home. The material you should use for the frames of your windows is wood. This same advice goes for your door as well as your windows; both are important for keeping your home properly insulated.

Install Renewable Energy Generators

When you’re building a new home, you can’t miss the opportunity to install renewable energy generators. Solar panels are a must. They’re the best way of heating and powering your home in an environmentally friendly way. Make sure you also install a battery to store all that energy that you create.

If you store the energy, you’ll be able to use it when the sun isn’t out like at night and on days when the cloud blocks much of the sun needed to power your home. If you use enough solar panels, you will not need to use fossil fuels much at all to heat your home, so it’s something you have to consider.

These ideas will save energy, and save you money, so try them out.

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