Eco-Friendly Ways to Improve the Health of Your Home

Eco-Friendly Ways to Improve the Health of Your Home

If you’re trying to improve the health of each and every member of your household, you should combine this with your strategy to make your home greener. Being healthy means eating the right food, being warm enough, being in a good frame of mind and getting enough exercise, and all of these can be done in a way that’s good for the environment.

The fact that you want to make these changes in your household is positive in itself, as having a long-term project will keep you optimistic and always thinking forward. It’s a great way of ensuring the health of your family, as well as the health of your environment.

Grow Fruit and Vegetables

There’s nothing better for the environment than reducing the impact of industrial farming, as it isn’t just the impact of the farming machinery – it’s the waste of transporting food across the world, the impact of pesticides and reliance of consumers on this entire system. Plus, there’s no better taste than fresh organic homegrown produce.

Dig out a vegetable patch for root crops in the winter and salads in the summer, and although fruit trees normally take a few years to start giving fruit, you can buy one that’s already a couple of years old to plant at the bottom of the garden.

Make Your Own Clothes

Is there any warmer kind of jumper than one that was knitted at home? Homemade gloves, socks and scarves are also incredibly handy ways to stay warm. Knitting is a great way to relax on those cool evenings, but if you’re frustrated about the length of time it can take, why not try crocheting some of these items.

These are much better for the environment than mass-produced clothes which can be sometimes made in very questionable conditions.

Insulate the Home

Have a company come and insulate your home more than it already is, with either loft insulation or triple glazed windows.

This will drastically reduce your gas bills for central heating, and it will therefore greatly lower your carbon footprint.

Get a Pet for the Home

Having a pet in the home is great for so many reasons. For starters, you’ll never be cold if you have a shaggy dog or soft cat to cuddle as you sit back.

Having a pet is also great for the mental health of each member of the family, as it can be a great empathetic companion when somebody is down, and it can also teach responsibility to whoever walks it and feeds it. The animal will be part of the family, so make sure it receives the best care itself. Make sure you register your new companion with The Vet, who will make sure it gets the right medical care.

Travel by Bike

There’re so many journeys which are close enough that we could do them by bike, but we so often get in the car out of laziness or because of excuses.

Even if you’ve got children too young to cycle, they could sit in an attached trailer or sidecar. Or, if you want to stay off the roads and keep to a slower pace, you could fix their bicycle with stabilizers and you can all cycle together.