Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Fascinating Ways To Make Your Home A Bit More Eco-Friendly

We live in enlightened times and the scientists inform us well about the effect that our lifestyle has on the planet. Global warming is in the news again as another high-profile figure announces that there is no scientific evidence to back up the theory. Whether you are a believer or sceptic, you surely realise that by cutting the amount of energy you consume at home you will lower your carbon footprint. That can’t be a bad thing; I’m sure you agree.

When you look at the eco houses listed in Skegness, you expect them to have a brilliant score on their energy performance certificates. They indicate how much you should expect to pay out in running costs for the building, over a year. The certificates are a legal requirement for a property if the owner decides to put it on the market. Are you aware that you can commission a survey of your home whether you are moving or not? An expert opinion is invaluable if you need to make it a bit more eco-friendly, and it gives you a baseline from which to work.

Here are a few areas you should consider tackling to keep those bills down.

  • Excellent levels of insulation are vital. You must not let any of the heat you generate to escape if you can prevent it. Pay attention to these areas:
    • Add an extra layer of insulation in the loft. Hot air rises and you need to keep it below the ceilings, where it belongs. The insulation isn’t expensive, and you can add it in sections as you can afford it.
    • Replace any windows that only have one pane of glass. Condensation is an indicator that they offer little in the way of insulation and old wooden frames are draughty and inefficient too. Modern units feature effective seals and double glazing.
    • Insulate the cavity walls of your home. Contractors drill holes and pump in the product. When your house has a warm jacket, you will feel the benefit.
  • Deal with drafts around doors using products from your local store. There are seals for the frame and covers for the letterbox. They only take a few minutes to install and have a remarkable effect on the temperature in your home.
  • DIY solar power is a desirable option these days. The panels come in kit form, and you can mount them on the roof using the brackets supplied. The wiring is simple, though you should employ a qualified electrician unless you are 100% confident in your ability. If you were to order a system from a specialist company, they would advise you of tariffs that enable you to sell any excess power you generate to your electricity supplier. That will compensate for the energy your house uses at night when the sun goes down. It is possible to reach the stage where you only pay the standing charge on the bills.

Dealing with energy consumption is an ongoing project for most people. As new technology develops we introduce it. LED light bulbs are a brilliant example of ingenuity. You can retrofit them everywhere these days. I hope you will take some time to prepare your home before the next winter arrives. The planet and your bank balance will benefit from your efforts.

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