Solar Panels

Generous Electricity Savings with Eco-Friendly Solar Panels

Our climate is changing. The planet is becoming hotter. The burning of fossil fuels has increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere and temperatures are rising. By going ‘green’ we don’t have to introduce massive changes into our life. There are some small changes we can make that will help towards saving the planet and help towards saving some money too.

Now when it comes to savings, how can home owners make sure their home remains affordable and is not making them poorer? Making the most of your money in terms of home improvements can bring you security and peace of mind. Investing in solar panels is certainly a worthwhile venture as it can actually generate more money in time. Solar panel electricity systems capture the sun’s energy. Some people in the UK stress about these solar panels. They hold that the ‘mostly overcast weather’ in the UK doesn’t justify getting solar panels. Truth is, solar panels work on daylight and not necessarily direct sunlight.

Cutting Electricity Bills and Saving the Environment – key factors

The beauty about these solar photovoltaics which capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells is that they don’t even require direct sunlight to work. The cells convert the natural light into electricity, which in turn, is used to ensure the household has piping hot water and that household appliances run entirely from solar power. The benefit is being able to be independent of the electricity grid. Some of the other ways you can benefit as well.

Make Your Own Solar Panel at Home

First things first, if you are at all concerned about the environment, this is a big way you can cut your carbon footprint. This is because solar electricity is green renewable energy. The fact that these solar panels don’t release harmful carbon dioxide means that you’re ‘not allowing’ carbon dioxide to bring the planet to an early demise.

Cut electricity bills significantly because sunlight is free. You pay a once-off installation fee and watch how your electricity costs are reduced. Once you’ve paid for the initial installation, your electricity costs will be substantially reduced. In fact, the Energy Saving Trust, that administers government grants for these domestic photovoltaic systems, estimates that with the installation of these solar panels, a household can enjoy savings of between £150 and £200, if your looking to install panels in the UK it’s advisable to compare quotes first, there are quite a few good companies, solar compared is new but they have a good reputation, or just search for ‘compare solar panels’.

Get returns for the electricity you generate – The UK government has what is known as a Feed-In Tariff scheme. If you install electricity-generating technology from a renewable or low-carbon source like solar panels for instance, the scheme can mean more money in your pocket. Feed-in Tariffs were introduced in 2010 as a financial incentive to encourage renewable electricity-generating technologies. Your energy supplier will make the payments to you if the products you use are certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Once your panels are installed, the UK government ensures the tariff is ‘locked-in’ for a full 20 years.

Dismiss Dark and Cold Days from your Life

The costs of traditional power are rising, but by installing solar panels, you don’t have this constant nagging fear about where it will all end. With solar panels, oil and gas prices can rise all they like; the sun ensures you have on ongoing source of electricity when all around you are battling with cold, dark days.

Crystalline or amorphous solar panels? The main ingredient in any solar panel is silicon, but the important factor to remember is that with a lifetime of some 40 years or so, and with little maintenance required, what is holding you back from putting an end to power cuts, rising electricity costs and plenty of frustration?

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