Cleaning Your Home

Go Green at Home with a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are increasingly common in the home thanks to their effectiveness and also their green credentials. Steam cleaning is ecologically sound as it requires only a small amount of water and means that you don’t need to use harmful chemicals. It’s as suitable for cleaning a floor as it is for many unexpected uses. So, here are some of the things you can use it for that you may not have thought of:

Cleaning a Barbecue

Cleaning your grill rack or barbecue can be quite a messy job. With a steamer, however, you can make it a lot easier to perform. Just make sure you remember not to use it outside when there’s risk of rain. Alternatively, you may want to bring it into a porch, since steamers do not perform well in wet weather and weren’t designed to be used in a garden.

To clean the barbecue, use it similarly to how you’d do with a oven. Use the steamer’s scraper tools and wire brush tools in order to remove burnt-on food or stubborn grease.

Defrosting a Freezer

If you need to defrost your home’s freezer quickly, it is much safer to utilize a steamer instead of striking the ice with kitchen utensils. Since the steam’s heat sterilises the freezer’s surfaces, you won’t even need to use detergent to clean it after the ice has is removed.

Begin by removing the drawers, then place a bowl or bucket in the bottom of the freezer, so it can collect the ice and direct the main nozzle of the steamer to the ice. It should easily come away in large chunks – but you can use the scraper tool of your steamer, if it has one, to help. Last but not least, wipe its surfaces dry with the use of a cloth.

Cleaning Hard Floors

Steamers are an excellent way to clean tiled bathroom or kitchen floors. They help killing off the bacteria which usually can’t be removed with a cloth with detergent, thus guaranteeing a proper, hygienic finish. The hot steam is very effective at cleaning grout in between the tiles, too. A variety of larger steamers feature a dedicated floor cleaning head, which you can use without a cloth for optimal results on this type of surface. Remember to keep the head moving — if you hold it down for too long in a certain area, you’ll likely end up damaging the grout. Here is a good list of the best steam mop for tile.

Cleaning Chair Seats and Sofas

Steamers usually feature an upholstery attachment which is designed specifically for this job. Clip on the attachment and cover it with the cotton cloth that’s supplied. Apply the steam to the surface, and keep it moving in order not to soak the material. The steam’s heat will help killing off dust mites and help you lifting stains. It’s a good idea to test a small area of the material, preferable a hidden one, before you steam, in order to make sure the colour doesn’t run.

Cleaning Your Curtains

The upholstery tool of your steamer can be used with a cloth to clean curtains, as well. Just remember to check your curtains’ care label, in order to verify that they’re suitable for steam cleaning.

Sanitising Mattresses

The high temperature of the steam that your steam cleaner produces will kill dust mites, which makes it an excellent tool for this sort of activity — since mattresses tend to harbour dust mites often. The method is particularly recommended for individuals who suffer from allergies. Attach the upholstery tool and use a cloth, and remember to keep the tool moving over the mattress’ surface, in order not to over wet the material. Once you’re finished, leave the mattress on its side for a few hours if you can, so you can make sure it’s dry before you fit the bed linen and begin using it.