Home Improvement Can Save Money

How Home Improvements Can Help You Save Cash Overnight

Are you aware that you are probably using more gas and electricity than you need to? Some of that money goes towards the wages of good honest people who work for the energy supplier. Some of it goes into the pockets of the fat cats though, and that sticks in my throat. You know who they are, the guys who set their bonuses and salary while many of their customers are on the bread line.

That is my rant over, but if you feel the same way as me, you could lower your bills  by making a few home improvements, overnight. Here are a few projects that you might find interesting. Some of them require significant investment and others will cost little.

Window Film

If your home only has single-glazed windows and you spend the winters mopping up water from the shelf below them, install some window film on the frame. It works as cheap secondary glazing, and if you fit it properly, it can solve your condensation problem. The condensation is a sign that heat is escaping through the glass, and this simple product can have a remarkable effect. Of course, it isn’t as effective as full double glazing but sometimes beggars can’t be choosers.

Light Bulbs

Swap all of your light bulbs for LED alternatives. They last longer and use only a fraction of  incandescent lamps.


Deal with those draughts! There are draught excluders in the DIY stores for every situation. Use them around doors, over the letter box, on window frames and any other problem areas. If you deal with these jobs first, your thermostat will not switch on the heating so often, which is good for your pocket.


Check the levels of insulation in your home and add more if you can. Here are the areas where insulation is vital.

  • Start with the loft. Look through the hatch and see how much insulation is up there. It should be at least eight inches thick, preferably more. You can buy insulation on rolls as you can afford them, and install it over time.
  • You might live in an old building with cavity walls made of brick. Contractors can blow insulation into the gap to give your house a warm jacket.

Solar Panels

It makes sense that if you generate your electricity, you won’t need to import it.  Modern technology means that you don’t have to live in a country where the sun blazes all day, so most of us can now benefit from solar panels. They produce more power than they did when they first hit the market, and the experts reckon that you can recoup your investment in fifteen years or less. As in all Australian cities, solar in Perth is the most popular choice for power generation. It sits atop the roof and does the job silently and without intrusion. There are no moving parts, so there is very little maintenance to perform on it.

Take whatever you need from my ramblings and cut your energy consumption today. You will also be doing your bit for the planet; that will ease your conscience and improve your outlook on life.

Image Credit: Mike Spasoff