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How to Choose an Eco-Friendly Flooring Option

Families looking to build a sustainable lifestyle understand that everything from the home they live in, to the products they use, will have an impact on the ecology. If it’s time to replace old flooring, or if you are designing a new home, eco-friendly flooring is vitally important for more than one reason. Before making a choice, there are some things you need to know about what makes flooring environmentally friendly.

Why Flooring Is So Important from an Ecological Perspective

So many homeowners fail to realise just why flooring has such an impact on the environment. Consider the large area of your floor and you will understand that a lot of environmental health hazards can present themselves if eco-friendly flooring isn’t used. Not only are you looking at products which don’t break down as easily as organic-based products, but you need to consider the quality of air within your home. All that foot traffic through your home releases gases into the air you and your children breathe. Here you have a double whammy. Synthetic flooring is bad for the planet as well as for your health.

Not All Flooring Can Be Recycled

With such a huge focus on recyclable products, many people believe that all (or most) synthetic flooring can be recycled. This is definitely not the case and our landfills are being overwhelmed with the sheer volume of old carpet and synthetic tiles being disposed of each year. However, some types of flooring can be recycled under certain circumstances, but at what cost to the environment? If you have large areas which can be carpeted, Big Warehouse Sale wool carpet might be one of your better options. Wool is organic and easily cleaned based on the natural oils in wool. Look for a low-pile wool carpet and you have the perfect solution for eco-friendly flooring.

Keeping Wool Carpet Affordable

Some families choose synthetic carpeting over wool because the cost of wool is typically a little higher. It isn’t so much the initial installation that troubles homeowners but rather the replacement cost if one area of high traffic should become worn or frayed, or if a big stain cannot be removed. Have you considered carpet squares, sometimes referred to as carpet tiles? If they are available in your area, this is a perfect way to ensure you can re-carpet areas which become worn or stained. The one thing that you might want to be cognizant of is any glue which is used in the process. These can also release gases into the home and are not environmentally friendly either.

The object in choosing the right kind of flooring is to find a product that is either recyclable like vinyl tiles or biodegradable, as would be the case with wool carpeting. Don’t think that just because many synthetics can be recycled, it means that all are created equal. They are not. Your floor takes up a great deal of space, so any impact on the environment or the quality of the air you breathe will be large as well. Choose wisely and you can do your part to save the planet while keeping the air you breathe free of pollutants.