New Technologies That Can Lower Your Energy Bill

New Technologies That Can Lower Your Energy Bill

Do you remember the last time you purchased a DVD from a store rather than on iTunes or Google? Or, the last time you bought a CD rather than download the album to your MP3 player? My guess is the answer for most of you is “No”. Technology has come a long way in the past 20 years making our lives easier. Some of these new technologies can also help us save money on our utility bills. Here are a couple innovative new devices that can help you monitor and lower your energy bill.

Smart Thermostats

Who wants to have to get up and walk to the thermostat to change the temperature? Smart thermostats allow you to turn on the heat or AC in your home from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. This is helpful in-case you go out of town for a while and forgot to lower the thermostat. It can also learn your patterns and knows when you are working to go into energy savings mode. A study done by the company Nest claims their smart thermostat can save you up to 30% on your energy bill.

Switch Energy Providers

Many are not aware what energy deregulation is or how it can benefit them. If you live in a deregulated energy state, you can shop around for the best electricity rates in your area. You are not stuck with the rate your utility makes you pay like the rest of the nation. By going to a shop and compare electricity site you can simply plug in your zip code and shop electricity rates in minutes.

Monitor Your Energy Consumption

Many people get a huge energy bill every month and can’t figure out why. In the past, it was a guessing game as to who or what was the culprit. Now, we have wireless energy monitoring systems. By installing a wireless energy monitoring system, you can find out exactly what is consuming the most energy in your home. Technologies like eco-eye offer real-time energy consumption rates that can help you make better decisions on where to cut back and where to upgrade to a more energy efficient solution. Also, by comparing electricity rates, you may end up spending less without having to cut back.