Drainage and Sewer Cleaning For Homes

Sewer Cleaning For Your Home – Done The Right Way

What do you think is the most essential part of a building? If asked, most people will come up with cliched answers like ‘the foundation’, ‘HVAC’, ‘electricity’ and so on. However, the single most important and often neglected part of a building is the sewer and drainage system. You can live for a while without any of the other systems in place, however, you will not be able to live in the house even for a single day if your sewer is clogged.

Just like the lymph system in our body, good sewers and well-planned drains are extremely important for a good home. We keep our homes and floors clean, however, we are not that meticulous in maintaining the sanitary system. A minor clog in the sewer can build up debris and choke the entire sanitary system, making your home unlivable. So, periodic unclogging of the sewer is essential for a well-functioning sanitary system.  Most people consider this to be an easy talk and use the ‘Do it Yourself’ kits available in the market to unclog the sewer. Those kits and the chemicals coming along with them are not safe, and can end up harming your sanitary system and risk chemical exposure in your home. As, most of these are industrial strength chemicals that can harm your home and surrounding. In addition to that, this stop-gap measure is not a solution and is just going to nip your problem around the edges. So, it is always advisable to hire a good cleaning company to do the job.

If your home is pretty old, then chances are your sewer drain pipes have accumulated sludge and debris throughout its span. That effectively means growth of mold to algae to roots throughout the length, and you cannot get rid of these this without completely scrubbing out your drain pipes.  Only a reputed and trustworthy company can do a perfect job. If you need complete peace of mind, then you need to ensure that the service provider does a comprehensive job of cleaning the drain completely followed by camera demonstration, where the contractor will show you the interiors of the entire drain.

Cleaning of a sewer is usually done through two different methods: snaking and hydro jetting. Snaking is nothing but mechanical rodding, however in certain cases it might not be as effective as hydro jetting and the problem might recur, so discuss with your service provider to decide which method suits your exact needs. Latest technology in hydro jetting uses very low volumes of water at extremely high pressure to scour the wall of your pipes and sewer drains. It can cut roots, remove grease and debris very effectively.

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