How to Create an Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

Unexpected Places You Can Make Eco-Friendly Choices in Your Home

Making eco-friendly choices in your life is a wonderful way to have a positive impact on the environment and do your part to help limit the footprint you leave behind. Thanks to the attention the state of the environment has been getting over the past decade, people are well educated on the ways they can make a difference. Things such as conserving water, energy, and cutting back on carbon emissions are all common knowledge now.

But, what if you want to go further in your quest to live an eco-friendly lifestyle? Here, we’ll take a look at some unexpected places and ways you can make eco-friendly choices in your own home.

Choose Sustainable Fabrics

Did you ever stop and think about the fabrics used in your bedding, linen, and clothing? Did you know this is an area you can make eco-friendly choices? Did you know that cotton is renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable?

Take a look at how cotton is grown – it is heat-tolerant and drought resistant so it doesn’t need much water, and very little if any pesticides are used to grow it. Depending on the country it is grown in, very little herbicides and insecticides are used. What this means is that it’s an eco-friendly fabric to choose.

Phasing out your linens and bedding and replacing it with cotton is a great place to start. You can visit for a fabulous selection of options.

Practice Your Green Thumb

Gardening has become more and more of a thing as of late, as those even with small apartments and no outdoor space are investing in indoor garden designs instead. Growing your own vegetables and herbs is not only satisfying it’s also a great way to help out the environment. Don’t forget it will save you money on your grocery bill too!

Switch to Eco-Friendly Bakeware

For those who love to bake and get creative in the kitchen, ceramic and selected metal pans are usually the best option. These are re-useable and much friendlier to the environment than those disposable aluminium pans and containers.

As well as selecting eco-friendly bakeware, another way you can make changes in the kitchen is to use re-usable containers to package leftovers and pack your lunch/snacks. Get rid of the plastic utensils, plastic baggies, and plastic containers, and switch to glass and ceramic.

Stop Buying Bottled Water

One of the most wasteful products out there is the plastic bottles used for water. Instead of buying bottled water, opt for a re-useable water bottle and use filtered water out of your home. There are devices that can be installed in your home, or you can buy a jug that filters the water as you pour it out.

Small Changes That Truly Add Up

When it comes to the environment, every little thing you do to help protect it helps. These changes that may seem small to you really add up, especially when lots of people are taking part.