Sun Quest 250 - An Overview

Vacuum & Convection: the Heart and Soul of Evacuated Tubes

Solar water heaters are slowly but surely making their way into American businesses and homes. These water heaters can provide both hot water and space heating for a variety of needs. According to the federal government’s Energy Star program, there are three types of solar collection technologies now being used to power solar water heaters. They are:

  • Integrated, Collector-Storage (ICS) systems
  • flat plate solar collectors
  • evacuated tube solar collectors

Evacuated tube systems are the most efficient of the three because they take advantage of two principles that are the heart and soul of the technology: vacuum and convection. By using these two principles, Solar America Solutions has created the best-evacuated tube solar thermal collector panel on the market: the SunQuest 250.

The Vacuum Principle

Scientifically speaking, a vacuum is a space devoid of all matter entirely. Since a perfect vacuum is unachievable, human science must settle for what is known as “partial vacuum.” This partial vacuum goes as far as possible in removing all matter from a given space, including air.

Evacuated tubes make use of this principle by creating a vacuum in the space between the outer and inner tubes. The lack of air in the vacuum makes the space a perfect insulator; an insulator that eliminates almost all of the heat loss other solar collection technologies are prone to.

Evacuated tube solar collectors are so advanced that the third-generation of this technology boasts 94% efficiency. Without heat loss to worry about, a solar thermal collector panel like the Solar America Solutions SunQuest 250 works flawlessly – even in temperatures as low as -40°F.

The Convection Principal

The principle of convection describes the movement of molecules throughout a liquid or gas. What’s great about convection is that it is based on things like temperature and pressure rather than man-made mechanics. The principle dictates that the molecules move without any mechanical systems of any kind.

Products like the SunQuest 250 rely on convection to circulate heat transfer liquid throughout a solar collection system without the need for motors, compressors, and other mechanical aids. This means our solar thermal collector tubes and heat transfer systems are passive, requiring no moving parts.

By taking advantage of convection, we are building solar collection systems that do not require additional energy to operate properly. This is the greatest way to achieve energy savings, which, in turn, lowers utility bills.

Making It Work for You

The SunQuest 250 evacuated tube solar thermal collector panel is the ideal solution for providing hot water or space heat in your home or commercial building. Panels can be installed on your roof or in another suitable location to provide you with a cost-efficient alternative to standard gas or electric energy.

Our solar thermal collectors are already being used in agricultural businesses, government buildings, and educational institutions around the country. If you are interested, we can put them to work for you too. Just get in touch with us and we’ll help you find the nearest dealer.