Which 2018 Outdoor Trends Will Continue to Grow in 2019

Which 2018 Outdoor Trends Will Continue to Grow in 2019?

There’s little in life that’s better than relaxing in your own garden! If your garden has been looking a bit worn and outdated recently, then there are some trends that you should be looking at which were must-haves in 2018 and look to continue to be must-haves in 2019. The garden space is famous for being subject to evolving trends, and this past year has been no different. With a wide array of options to choose from, making the best design decisions for your outdoor space will come down to what you have available and what kind of aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve. If your garden is looking a little tired now, then it might be time to give it a refreshing makeover that will make the time you spend there much more satisfying.

Choosing the Right Textures

If there’s a trend that’s truly stood out in 2018, then it’s the incorporation of dynamic textures into your garden space. It has been a hugely popular trend this year, and when it comes to finding the best in garden design ideas, texture is going to be a major factor. There are numerous ways that you can take advantage of this trend to make your garden more appealing, and your priority when looking at textures is their ability to stimulate the senses. Look for the colors that encourage calmness or energy, with light blues and bright yellows being particularly popular. Don’t just rely on sight though. Lavender is a delight for the eyes and nose, and when combined with the relaxing sounds of a water feature, it can create the ultimate in relaxation ambiance.

Ecological gardens

We all hope to become more socially aware of the environment, which may be why the ecological garden has become such a popular trend over the past year. Having a garden that benefits the environment and encourages wildlife visitors is one of the most natural trends to adopt in the current atmosphere. This extends to more practical considerations as well, and the number of people who have set aside sizeable sections of their gardens for the growing of edible fruit and vegetables has exploded. For those hoping to get the most from the ecological trend, investing in a greenhouse can boost your ability to grow everything you need. Remember to set up some bird-feeders, and you’ll be helping the local bird population as well!

The Japanese look

One of the more unusual trends for gardens in 2018 was the adoption of the wabi-sabi look. This Japanese method of garden maintenance has been a slowly increasing presence in the western world for a few years, but in 2018, it became one of the more popular garden types to create. Wabi-sabi means allowing the garden to grow naturally, with its natural cycles of growth and decay acting as a delightful balance that is perfect for those that aren’t too keen on getting their hands dirty. Striking the right balance between nature and nurture is easy to achieve as well, so in 2019, look for overgrown perennials, stones covered in heavy moss, and even rusty gates. It’s easy to see why this look has become so popular among those that have to balance their time commitments carefully!

Making the most of your garden has never been easier. Decide which garden trend best suits you and the space that you have available, and you’ll have a more suitable end result. If you want the best garden possible, then learning to spot the trends will always keep your garden looking as good as it possibly can.