Electric Heaters Green Homes

Why an electric heating system is greener

In today’s society, we are more eco conscious than ever before. With many people adapting their lifestyles and daily routines to live a greener and more energy efficient life, going green and making smart environmental choices has become an integral part of saving our planet.

At home and work there are lots of ways to embrace a greener way of life. This includes investing in everyday essentials, such as heating solutions that are more eco friendly.  As we enter the cold, winter months, investing in a wall mounted electric heater can be an invaluable and eco friendly way to heat your home or work environment.

When choosing effective and cost-effective methods to heat your home, efficiency should always at the forefront of your mind. But finding the best eco friendly and cost effective solution can be a mind field. With a wealth of heating options available, choosing the best heating solution for the demands of your everyday life can be a difficult task.

Although electric heating is known as the most expensive way to heat your work or living environment, and the one that produces the most CO2 emissions, there are greener options that will allow you to continue heating your home using electricity.

Green Options 

For those who are eco conscious, choosing an electric heating system is a greener choice, as it allows you to heat your home at night when electricity is much cheaper. It then allows you to use the stored heat that has been generated throughout daylight hours. This is a great option for those looking to store heat until they need it.

Wall mounted electric heaters are a great option if you are looking to find an effective and energy efficient heating solution. Quick and simple to install, wall mounted heaters are more popular than ever due to their ability to optimise heating performance and their low maintenance requirements.

Many electric heating products are made from recycled materials such as aluminium and many are also 100% recyclable. There are a number of models and applications available, but if you’re looking for ways to go green, investing in an eco friendly wall mounted electric heater will allow you to improve energy efficiency within your home or work environment.

Speed of Heating

Electric heating systems are also renowned for their ability to heat up quickly, dispersing the heat whilst retaining it within the room in which it is being used.  In terms of energy efficiency, electric heating systems are far better than gas central heating and storage heaters.

Complete with programmable heating, an electric heating system also allows you to control and set the temperature based upon your individual requirements.  Incorporating features such as thermostats and timers into their design instantly makes wall mounted heaters more energy efficient. There are a wealth of high performance models available that will combat the cold in a wide range of spaces.

Many models also have a number of benefits when it comes to saving energy. Complete with low electricity consumptions and natural convection technology, electric heating systems have become a popular choice with those looking to save money.

Natural convection technology is also quickly earning a reputation as being an effective and eco friendly solution when it comes to heating a variety of spaces. The Econo- Heat wall panels can be mounted to any wall, providing cost effective and efficient heating. Utilising 21st century technology, the majority of the heat is radiated and dispersed out of the back of the panel and only 10% comes out of the front. This concept is far more economical and efficient than other heating solutions.

Above all, investing in an electric heating system will allow you to make your living or working environment more energy efficient.  Go green and invest in an electric heating system.