Your Guide to Designing an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Your Guide to Designing an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

As people learn more about the dangers of the chemicals that we use in our homes, a new trend has sprouted. This trend involves creating eco-friendly bedrooms. Since most people spend quite a bit of time in their bedrooms, it is important to have a space that is healthy, and if this can be done while also helping the environment, so much the better. Here are some tips for creating an eco-friendly bedroom.


One way to help the environment is to use an environmentally-conscious mattress. These can take the form of natural latex, natural wool, or organic cotton. These materials are all naturally occurring and not rare, so they are good for the environment. Using bedding that is made from organic cotton, hemp, or wool is another way to create an eco-friendly bedroom. These products all occur naturally in nature as well. Since sheets made of these materials are less likely to have chemicals on them, they help both the environment and keep the air in your bedroom cleaner.

Use Woods

Hardwood floors are beautiful and can be easier to clean than carpeted floors. In addition to the typical hardwood floors, bamboo and cork flooring materials are also known for their sustainability. Not only is wood a positive addition to the floor of your bedroom, it can also be an eco-friendly part of your furniture as well. While there is an advantage to buying used furniture, there are also many companies that make their furniture out of sustainably harvested wood, making them a good option to purchase new and beautiful products from. These pieces are handcrafted at places like Revival Beds and provide a stunning centrepiece to your room.


Another way to make sure that your bedroom is environmentally-friendly is to include features like dimmable lights. These can be simple and operated with a switch, or high-tech and operated automatically. Either way, this can be a way to save on electricity, which, in turn, is good for the environment. There are also products that allow you to switch off the devices in your room until you are ready to use them, even if they are plugged in.

Careful with Chemicals

It may seem pleasant to use a can of fresh-smelling chemicals like Febreze to brighten up your bedroom, but they can contain some chemicals that can harm the environment. Natural essential oils mixed with water can give you the clean scent that you want for your room while avoiding the chemicals. It is also important to remember that many paints have a variety of chemicals in them that are not healthy for you or the environment. Be careful when you are purchasing paints, and make sure that you are looking for an environmentally-friendly one. Many paints don’t just emit fumes when they are fresh but will release chemicals as long as they are on the wall.

When it comes time to design an eco-friendly bedroom, there are several things to keep in mind, and many choices to make. From the correct bed to using sustainably harvested woods, these are some ideas to make your bedroom environmentally friendly, and healthier for you too.