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5 Steps Towards an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

There are a number of reasons why you should consider adopting an environmentally friendly mindset. In addition to helping to save the planet, greener living can help to reduce waste and save a substantial amount of money on household bills. Take the five steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Step One: Turn Off Your Electricals When Not in Use

Are you aware you are wasting a considerable amount of money and energy by leaving your electricals on standby? This is known as phantom energy, which reportedly equates to 15% of your total electricity usage. So, stop leaving the devices on standby and turn off the devices for a noticeable difference to your electricity bills.

Step Two: Try to Consume Less Meat

Most people do not think twice about how meat consumption impacts the environment. However, it is negatively impacting our planet every day. That is because 40% of the Earth’s land surface is currently used to both raise and support livestock, and therefore accounts for 9% of CO2 emissions caused by human activity. What’s more, the process is generating 65% of human-related nitrous oxide, which is a greenhouse gas that is depleting the ozone layer. Strive to eat less meat and replace the produce on your plate with seafood or vegetables, which are better for the Earth.

Step Three: Stop Smoking Cigarettes

You might be aware of the damage traditional cigarettes can have on your health, but do you know what they are doing to the environment? Tobacco is ultimately responsible for deforestation, pollution, and littering, as multiple processes will be undertaken to remove the tobacco from crop to a pack. The cigarettes themselves are also releasing toxic chemicals into the Earth’s soil and waterways. You can adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle by replacing traditional cigarettes with a vape. Visit redjuice.co.uk to find high-quality vaping kits and e-liquids in a variety of flavors ranging from tropical fruits to coffee.

Step Four: Start Recycling

Did you know that recycling one ton of paper can save approximately 17 mature trees? This proves that recycling is a worthwhile activity you must incorporate into your daily lifestyle, especially as 40% of public waste is compromised of paper products. It also takes considerably less energy to create paper from recyclable paper than from a tree. You simply need to learn about your neighborhood’s recycling rules to help create a better environment for everyone. Start recycling today if you are yet to do so, and encourage your loved ones to do the same.

Step Five: Stop Driving

Car pollution is significantly affecting the environment, as it negatively impacts air, water, and soil quality. Everyone has a responsibility to care for the planet, which is why you should try not to drive. If you can, aim to embark on a journey by foot, bicycle, or public transport, which can reduce your carbon footprint. If you do need to drive, invest in an electric vehicle, which is more eco-friendly, or aim to reduce your speed when possible, keep your tires inflated, and ensure your engine is running smoothly.