5 Unexpected Ways You Can Cut Down on Paper

5 Unexpected Ways You Can Cut Down on Paper

Across the world, humans account for the highest amount of paper waste that goes into landfills every year. Understandably, this can cause problems such as intense de-forestation, animal extinction, and high amounts of carbon dioxide levels in the air. You will have heard about all the usual ways you can cut down on paper every day, such as drinking from reusable cups, and restricting how much paper you can use to print on. However, there are a whole host of other ways you can minimize your paper consumption, which will lower your carbon footprint and lead to a healthier, happier planet.

Shop for zero waste items

Lots of food and body care products come wrapped in plastic and paper, and even within cardboard boxes that are oversized for the small items inside. Although many companies have made the steps to reduce plastic packaging, they still rely on paper and cardboard to wrap their goods. It then places the responsibility on the consumer to recycle, which is not a reliable way to use paper sparingly. Luckily, you can now request at some shops to send goods packaged with as little paper as possible, and stores like Lush even offer ‘naked’ shower gels which remove the need for packing entirely.

Re-use wrapping paper

At Christmas and birthdays to name a few, wrapping paper is often scrunched up and thrown away after the present-opening has finished. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to use paper gift bags for presents. Next time you receive a present, go one step further and open it carefully so that you can keep the paper for another occasion. Not only with this save you money, but it could help reduce the demand for wrapping paper.

Bet online, not in-store

If you are an avid bet placer or lottery player, you will be accustomed to the betting slips and lottery cards you receive each time you go. Over time, these small slips can amount to a landfill, especially when they are not disposed of correctly. Next time you think of placing a bet, head online to a site like Unibet, where a multitude of online games adds extra fun to your betting experience.

Request to have receipts emailed to you

As with lottery and betting slips, receipts can pile up when you go shopping regularly. Luckily, in recent years retailers have offered to email over receipts rather than printing them; if you are sure you don’t want a receipt, you can always ask the cashier not to print your receipt to save on paper.

Opt for e-tickets over paper ones

Paper tickets for festivals and other cultural events get sent out to homes every day. Paper tickets don’t just waste paper printing the ticket, but for the envelopes and any other packaging that may be needed. If you consider that this used to be your only way of entering a festival, it is wise to take advantage of how technology could help you make the switch from paper tickets to e-tickets, and even those you can add to your Apple Wallet if you are an iPhone user.