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5 Ways to Become an Eco-Friendly Car Driver

If you truly care about the environment, you may feel guilty about the effect that your car is having on your carbon footprint. However, if you are raising a young family, or struggling to balance a busy schedule, giving up your vehicle may not be an option. Have no fear! There are plenty of steps that you can take in order to peacefully embrace your life as an eco-warrior who loves to drive. Below are five different ways for you to become an eco-friendly car driver.

Protect your tires

Protecting your tires will help you to drive smoothly on the road. This will prevent your vehicle from dragging, and will reduce the amount of gas that is needed to fuel it. One way to protect your tires is by investing in comprehensive garage flooring. At you can find an epoxy coating system that looks and lasts like granite. This finish will ensure that you have somewhere suitable to store your vehicle and will protect your garage from hot tire marks. Not only this, but it comes with a life time satisfaction warranty. Therefore, you will be making a clever investment in your home, your vehicle, and the environment.

Consider what you are storing on and in the car

Filling up your trunk with unnecessary junk will increase the cost of running your car. It will mean that you have to use more gas, and will therefore be relying on more fossil fuels. This is also true for bike racks, especially the kind that stand vertically above your vehicle. A few simple changes will make a big difference. First, make sure that you clear out your car on a regular basis. Second, make sure that you remove your bike rack, or at least purchase one that sits at the back of your vehicle to be more aerodynamic.

Set up a car share

You should also consider who is in your car. Why not join, or set up, a car share? This is a fantastic way to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads. This will save you money, and will save your guilt for the environment. Try to find fellow eco warriors at your place of work, or at your children’s schools. Band together to reduce fuel emissions and promote a greener lifestyle.

Change the way you drive

The way that you drive your car can also have a huge impact on the amount of damage it does to the environment. Try to remember all the best ways to drive smart and save fuel. Simple changes, such as closing your windows, will make a huge difference. Driving at specific speeds can also be hugely beneficial.

Think about the type of car you buy

The days of gas guzzling vehicles are over! You can now buy electric cars that will significantly lessen the negative impact that your driving is having on the environment. With their rise in popularity, it is now common to find public areas where you can recharge your electric vehicle. The purchase of an electric car may cost you in the short term; however, eventually you will see a return on your investment. This is because you will no longer be affected by the rising cost of gas.