Green Boiler

A Complete Guide To Green Boiler Replacement

Boiler replacement accounts of one of the most expensive home projects going, with new boiler costs typically ranging in price from £2000 to £3000. It’s then not surprising that every homeowner dreads the news of their boiler slowly packing in. Unfortunately whilst we can’t help with the cost, we can help with plenty of useful information so that you know what to expect when planning for boiler replacement.

What you can expect to pay

Whilst the typical cost of a boiler is pretty set at between £2000 and £3000 there may be ways in which you can make this cost more affordable. If you receive certain benefits (such as Pension Credit, Income support or Tax Credits or if your household includes a child or adult over 60 who is disabled, then you will qualify for the ‘Green Deal’. This is a subsidy grant based offer by the main energy suppliers that entails a boiler that is installed free at the point of installation, with the cost recouped over a number of years from percent of the savings that you would otherwise make. Notably this stills provides for energy payments that remain cheaper than those you would have paid with your previous boiler.

How much you can expect to save

The use of your boiler accounts for a staggering 55% of all of your energy bills, and with the average energy bills now tipping £1264, the impact of a lacklustre or failing boiling can be significant. Even though new boiler costs can be notable a boiler replacement can lead you to find Energy Savings of as much as 20% on your previous bills (which typically can range from £130 to £300 annually).

How to get started

Starting the process of boiler replacement should see you researching companies who carry out the service, which should include their pricing structures for the service, as well as their reputation. This latter point is now thankfully easier than ever as more and more consumer review websites provide a place for consumers to either vent about, or praise the services of companies.

What you should expect to pay for installation

Prices for this service can vary considerably, however you should generally expect that the cost for the new boiler includes the installation service. That said however it pays to ask about the specific make and model that you would be purchasing, as unfortunately unscrupulous companies may use cheaper models to increase their margins.

The installation itself

Once you’ve booked in with your boiler installation company you should expect the process to take up to 12 weeks. The company may, or may not ask for a partial payment (this is very often at or around the 50% mark); the actual installation itself will generally take one to two working days for the standard size house, or anything up to and above a week for the significantly larger of homes. Following the completion of the job the company will then expect immediate payment.

Boiler warranty

Boilers should come with warranty as standard (this can be as long as seven years); warranties will generally cover all forms of break down with the replacement of parts and service to install them being included as standard.