Ways To Slash Your Fuel Bills

Astonishing Ways To Slash Your Fuel Bills Without Roughing It

We are going to take a look at some practical ways to reduce the cost of running your home today. Heat, light and power doesn’t come cheap these days and we can expect prices to rise further as natural resources become harder to harvest.

Luckily, there are many options available to us thanks to modern technology and production techniques. How much money are you willing to invest to ensure you can continue living a comfortable lifestyle even when the cost of power is prohibitive? We take our home comforts for granted; how would you cope without them?

Here are a few astonishing ways to pay less for your energy.

Use The Surrounding Air

I must admit; I had never heard of heat pumps until I took on the research for this article. They work by taking heat from one place and transferring it to another. Your freezer at home works in the same way. It takes heat from the compartment and disperses it using the exchanger on the back. You will see that it gets quite hot there. The heat pump transfers warmth from the outside air to the inside of your house using a similar principle. You can blow hot air through ducting into each room and use the energy for hot water too. It is a fascinating piece of high-tech machinery that could slash your heating bills. The best bit is that you can reverse the function so that it cools your house in the summer.

Solar Energy

There are two ways you can use solar energy to your advantage; solar power generation and solar hot water.

  • Solar panels on the roof will generate electricity even on dull days. As long as some daylight is available they will work. Because they don’t need blazing sunshine continually, they are suitable for use in most countries. Over the last twenty years, they have become viable power sources thanks to advances in the production of the photovoltaic cells. The experts now reckon that an installation will pay for itself after about fifteen years and will run at a profit after that. There are kits available these days, so you can install solar panels yourself, if you have a flare for DIY.
  • Solar hot water systems allow you to save a fortune in heating costs. They will raise the temperature of the water in your home even during the winter if the sun is shining. You can use the water domestically and preheat it for use in the central heating system. Raising the temperature by only a few degrees has a remarkable affect on your bills. During the summer, it will probably be all you need to maintain a constant supply of piping hot water.

Don’t Let Heat Escape

Home insulation is an effective way to keep hold of any heat you generate, and without it your other efforts might prove fruitless. New windows and doors might cost a lot of money, but the other projects are reasonably cheap. Address the attic space first.You can either use insulation on rolls to insulate the floor of the loft or install panels between the rafters.

Insulation is a subject in itself, and further advice will have to wait for another day. I hope you found my ideas interesting; it is a fascinating subject. At least you now know that there are options available should you choose to invest in them. Perhaps the future isn’t bleak after all.

Image Credit: Jon Callas