Save Water

Be Eco-Friendly and Start Saving Water

Water is a beautiful gift that was gifted to us by mother nature. We are lucky to live in a society that has a constant supply of clean and drinkable water. Many cultures aren’t that lucky. However, with clean water supplies comes great responsibility. We need to start conserving water for both the environment and our wallet’s. Saving water will not only lower your water bills, but will also prevent pollution in our lakes and rivers. There’s a huge eco-friendly angle to saving water, and not just a monetary one.

Check for leaks:

Constantly check your pipes, faucets and taps for leaks. Leaks can be a huge drain on your water bill. Wasting water when you’re not even using it. By checking these things frequently, you will be protecting the planet from excessive water use as well as saving money on your water utilities. There’s not much sense in wasting water by leaving taps leaking when you’re not even using the water. Why pay for water you’re not using?

Don’t use your toilet as a bin:

Many people like to throw tissue or other small objects into the toilet. Doing so is wasting 5-7 gallons of water for each item of trash you throw down the toilet. Your toilet isn’t an ashtray or a wastebasket, so please don’t treat it as such. Follow more water saving steps like these and you’ll be on your way to becoming an eco warrior in no time.

Insulate your water pipes:

This is an inexpensive way to get hot water faster. All you have to do is put some pre-slit foam around your pipes and your water will heat up faster, saving water whilst you wait for it to heat up. This will save water as well as time, which is great for your pocket as well as the environment. It’s also great for your schedule as you’ll have less waiting around for water to heat up.

Store drinking water in the fridge:

We’ve all been guilty of this wasteful crime. We’ve wanted a glass of cold water and we’ve left the tap to run cold before filling up our glass. I recommend keeping a bottle of water in the fridge to cool as opposed to leaving the tap running. This is wasting water that isn’t being used and will be bad for your money as well as the environment, potentially leading to pollution in our rivers and lakes.

Rinse your razor in the sink:

Rather than leaving the tap running to rinse your razor, or even your toothbrush. You could fill the sink with a few inches of clean water to save you running the tap every time you need to rinse. This will clean your razor/toothbrush at the same time as saving water and money – what could be better?

Do you fancy yourself as the next eco-warrior? Well follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to being eco-friendly as well as saving cash on your bills. It isn’t hard to save water, so what’s your excuse for not doing so?