Cooking Green Save Money and Save the Planet

Cooking Green: Save Money and Save the Planet

How many times have you gone over to the oven to preheat it, wondering why it costs so much money for electricity to cook just one meal? Actually, that seems to be everyone’s plight these days as the cost of energy just keeps rising and rising. Perhaps we should do something about cleaner, more sustainable energy, but that will take years to accomplish.

So then, what can you do about keeping the cost of cooking down while also doing your part to save what little resources we have left? Here are some tips on cooking green which might interest you.

Casseroles Are Every Busy Mother’s Dream Come True

When you look at sites like, you will find a huge assortment of recipes for casseroles which include everything in one dish. No more heating every eye on the stove to get all the food groups into one meal. In fact, one tip for cooking green would be to allocate one day to bake several casseroles at the same time.

Like to bake your own bread?

Why not pop that in the oven as well! Store casseroles in the fridge until you are ready to eat them and either pop them in the microwave (cheaper by far than an electric oven) to heat them for dinner or use a countertop convection oven, also cheaper than the one on your stove.

Crock Pots and Pressure Cookers Are the Way to Go

Did you know that slow cookers use far less energy than even the low setting on an electric eye on your stove? Think about this for a moment, without doing some hefty math calculations. It isn’t really about voltage but rather how many watts are used – and slow cookers use far fewer. Also, pressure cookers cook roasts in as little as 25 to 30 percent of the time it would take to roast in an oven.

These appliances will offer lower energy consumption per hour based on lower wattage if you use a countertop pressure cooker and less energy consumption based on quicker cooking times. If you don’t own either of these nifty appliances, it’s time you think about a small investment for a huge savings over time!

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness – Cost Effective Too!

Perhaps you weren’t thinking about it when you let that spilled food sit in your drip pans for a day or two. Yes, you’ll get to it tomorrow but for today, when you cook, that food burnt onto the drip pan keeps that shiny stainless steel from reflecting heat back up. Reflective drip pans enable you to cook at lower settings, using less electricity.

Speaking of which, it’s time to ditch the black ceramic drip pans you thought would hide the grease and spatter. They don’t allow for reflection, and being black, also absorb energy which could be used for cooking!

You Can Do It If You Try

If you put your mind to it, you will find many other ways to reduce the amount of energy you consume when feeding your family while at the same time making a dent in the damage we are doing to Mother Earth. If every family did its part, we’d soon see less breakdown of the ozone layer and certainly lower electric bills. It’s worth a thought, isn’t it?