5 Small Changes You Can Make to Ensure Your Business Is Eco-Friendlier

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

In a world where significant, life-changing issues are labelled as a myth by the ‘leader of the free world’, it is important that those who believe in the catastrophic impacts of climate change can reduce the harmful waste and emissions that are ultimately causing it.

Through the medium of gifts, you may find your best friend the ideal present to convert them to a more environmentally friendly existence. By writing this post, we hope to enlighten you to this equally eye-opening and aesthetic world, allowing you to spread your love for your planet.

Mixed Shot Glass Candle Set

As we all know, parties are the time when adults enjoy getting merry and tipsy. From Baileys to Bucks Fizz, there is nothing better than lounging around with your favourite drink. The company of your friends and family is probably great too. Creating a calming and enjoyable ambience, this is especially a time for you to forget about issues within your life and save them for a rainy day. However, if you keep on reading, we have discovered a way combine this celebration and ethical concern.

If your best friend is a sucker for eco-friendly products, then why not purchase a set of Mixed Shot Glass Candles. Available in three stimulating scents – Prosecco, Gin & Tonic, and Shiraz – they will be able to breathe easy knowing they are endorsing an ethical company with a clear preference for recycled material (glass for the holder) and organic ingredients (soy wax for the candle).

Luxury Hamper

Even if no holiday is looming, there is no real reason to cease celebrating. This is why it’s always a good time to purchase your best friend a luxury hamper perfect for those lazy days binge-watching Netflix and old movies. The festivities don’t have to end until you say they do.

Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and food selections, Britishfinefoods.com produces the best quality food at affordable prices, supporting not only your love for eco-friendly companies but also British artisan producers.

Bamboo Watches

Does your best friend support the ethical treatment of our planet? But does he find himself incapable of getting out of the house on time in order to make a change? Then they’re definitely in need of a Bamboo Watch.

Made entirely out of natural resources, this watch fights against the unnecessarily produced materials used to make everyday objects that could quite clearly be replaced by more renewable, aesthetically pleasing substances. The face itself is made entirely out of bamboo, whereas the strap is made from an eco-leather, taken without having to injure and poach animals. If you purchase this now, a portion of their proceeds will be sent to Project Rhino. This is an initiative working to fight against the poaching of rhinos, a beautiful, powerful animal.

So, if your best friend is difficult to buy for, but you feel as those they deserve a product capable of respecting and loving the environment just as much as they do, then follow this article’s advice and pay a visit to these quirky, eco-friendly companies.