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Environmentally Friendly Things You Can Start Doing Today

So, you’ve been thinking about factoring in environmentally friendly ways into your days. Or maybe you’ve been putting it off. Sometimes, it’s better to just decide to do something today and just do it, rather than plan for any other day.

Hence, today, choose to do one of the following:

Plastic Water Bottles in Your Home

A lot of plastic water bottles manufactured are bad business for the environment. They aren’t biodegradable, neither are they disposed of responsibly.

Two things: Buy a reusable biodegradable water bottle. Buy a water filter.

Your Light Bulbs

Change all your light bulbs to LED ones. They last much, much longer (and are therefore more cost-effective) and can be recycled.

Any Plastic Bags in Your Home?

Plastic bags are to the environment what clogged arteries are to the body, taking up to 400 years to biodegrade. Reuse the plastic bags you currently have, then over time, replace them with cloth or canvas shopping bags. Or use paper bags.

(Several establishments are catching on, so there’s a chance the plastic bags you do have may be biodegradable.)

What’s the Weather like Where You Are?

If the weather’s warm where you are, open all the windows instead of turning on the AC or fan. Let the wind blow through.

If it’s winter, wear warmer clothing indoors and turn the heating down a bit. Wear a chunky sweater or wear more layers underneath your clothing. Wear a scarf, two pairs of socks or a thicker pair of socks. Jog on the spot every so often to increase your body temperature.

If you live alone, leave the heating on in the room you’re in the most often and turn off the heating throughout the rest of the house/apartment (if it’s possible to do this).

Meat Eater?

If you’re a meat eater, make yourself a vegetarian meal today, and do so on the same day every week. After a month, do it for two days a week. After another month, challenge yourself to make it three days a week…and so on, until you’re eating meat once a week. Every vegetarian meal you choose to consume is better for the planet (in terms of greenhouse gas emissions/global warming, deforestation, etc.)


If you’re a driver, are there places you could walk to instead of using the car? Is there anywhere that takes about five minutes to drive to where you could walk instead? The walk there and back is a 10-minute drive that won’t materialize, and that won’t impact the environment negatively (unless your car’s environmentally friendly, of course).

Take care of your feet while on these walks, though. Chiropractic blog,, has a post about the importance of foot health that you might want to read.

As billions of us as there are in this big old beautiful house we live in called Earth, every environmentally-caring thing we do, no matter how small, can and does ripple out – and does make a difference.